How to Find Golden Jewelry in V Rising

Golden Jewelry in V Rising is needed to craft gold ingots, high level jewelry, upgrade your castle heart, and craft luxury cosmetics for your castle. You can find golden jewelry in several areas including Dunley Farmlands, the Cursed Forest, and Silverlight Hills. However, the most reliable source of this resource comes from Silverlight Hills.

Golden Jewelry V RisingGolden JewelryUsed to refine into gold ingots and craft equipment.


The most effective way to obtain golden jewelry in V Rising is by farming enemies in Brighthaven. Brighthaven is a town located in southwest Silver Hills. You will find quite a few patrols that patrol the four districts of the town, Brighthaven Cathedral, Brighthaven Square, Brighthaven Docks, and Brighthaven Slums.

All of these enemies have a chance to drop Golden Jewelry. However, the elite enemies have a high chance to drop it. Enemies such as paladins, wizards, clerics, and knights should be your high priority targets if you’re farming golden jewelry. You will want to be careful when farming these areas. It is easy to pull multiple groups of patrols if you’re not paying attention. If you’re solo, clearing one group and then moving to the next is your safest bet to make it out safely.

Brighthaven Cathedral V Rising

Chests and Destructible Objects in Silverlight Hills

As you make your way through Silverlight hills make sure you are looting all the chests, and destroying all the barrels, crates, and other destructible objects. The areas in the northern Silverlight Hills have a higher chance of dropping the jewelry, but all chests and destructible objects throughout the zone can drop it.

Farming the chests and destructible items is also a good way to obtain other valuable resources. You can obtain schematics, reinforced planks, flawless gems, and other resources from these containers. A great place to farm the destructible containers is at the Brighthaven Docks.

Bosses in the Cursed Forest and Dunley Farmlands

You can also obtain golden jewelry from defeating V bosses in the Cursed Forest and Dunely Farmlands. This method is not nearly as efficient as farming Brighthaven in Silverlight Hills, but worth noting if you need gold jewelry and are in the area.

There is also a small chance of finding golden jewelry in some parts of the regions. The Dunley Monastery, Mosswick Village, Dawnbreak Village, and Ancient village all have a small chance of dropping the jewelry.

Golden Jewelry in V Rising Cursed Forest
Golden Jewelry Drop in the Cursed Forest

What is Golden Jewelry Used for in V Rising

Golden Jewelry is used for a few different purposes in the game. You will need it to make gold ingots. In order to craft a gold ingot you will need to defeat the V boss Azariel the Sunbringer. To craft a gold ingot you will need 3 golden jewelry and 1 Sulphur as long as you have a Forge Room. If you do not have a Forge Room it will be more expensive to make the ingot. It would cost you 4 golden jewelry and 1 Sulphur.

Gold ingot v RisingGold IngotUsed to craft equipment, cast heart upgrades, and luxury castle décor.

Golden Jewelry in V Rising is also utilized in many equipment recipes. You will need it for high gear level jewelry. For example, the Sanguine Weapons require gold ingots to craft.

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