Where to Find Scales in V Rising

PLEASE NOTE: Scales were a resource in V Rising. Scales were removed in the Gloomrot update. For up to date V Rising guides check out our complete V-Rising guides library!

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Farming the Cursed Forest

The best place to find scales in V Rising is in the Cursed Forest region. You can kill various creatures within the region that will drop varying amounts of scales. If you come across a Worm Terror you can kill it and obtain 50-80 scales per kill. However, Worm Terrors are fairly difficult to find. They often only spawn when ambushing you in the marshy areas of the region.

Worm terror v rising
Worm Terror in V Rising

A more reliable and consistent source of scales comes from killing toads, spiders, and mosquitoes within the region. They can be found in the northern part of the region near the water areas. They are easy to find within the marshes. Just walk the path to the north marshes and roam around the area and you’ll have no problem spotting them. You are also likely to encounter a worm terror or two while farming the area as well.

You can also make your way to the spider cave in the north eastern part of the region. The spiders do not drop many scales per spider, but they are plentiful within the cave. This makes it easy to stack up quite a few scales. There is a V Boss that spawns at the end of the cave, Ungora the Spider Queen. If you are there strictly to farm the scales you can easily avoid the boss by not going all the way to the end of the cave.

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Salvage Fish for Scales

Farming the Cursed Forest is the most effective and efficient way to farm scales. However, you can also obtain them by fishing. This method is only recommended if you’re in a pinch and need a few more scales or have an abundance of fish. You will first need to obtain a fishing pole by crafting one at the Woodworking Bench. You can acquire the woodworking bench and the fishing pole recipe by defeating Rufus the Foreman, a level 20 V Boss.

After you have obtained a good amount of fish you can then salvage them by putting them into the devourer in your castle. Each fish will yield a different amount of scales. However, many of the common fish types will not yield any scales at all when salvaging them. You will only receive fish bones and fish oil from them. You can see what you will receive when salvaging a fish simply by hovering over it. If you’re after scales make sure the fish you are salvaging actually yields scales.

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What Scales Are Used For in V Rising

The primary use for scales is to craft and repair the Dawnthorn armor set. Each piece requires 120 scales. You will need a total of 480 scales to craft the entire set of armor. Scales will also be needed in order to repair the Dawnthorn set when it’s damaged. You will also need ghost yarn and pristine leather to craft and repair the set. Both of these resources can also be obtained from the Cursed Forest.

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