What are Hats for in V Rising

There are several different equipment slots in V Rising. Most of the slots will improve your stats and Gear Score. However, hats in V Rising are purely cosmetic. Hats have no stats or gear score. However, they can really set you apart from other vampires in the world. Every hat in V Rising has a different look. Since hats are not technically a part of your gear you will drop your hat upon death even if you’re not on a merciless PvP server.

Some hats can be crafted, some can be purchased from traders, and some of them are obtained through random loot drops throughout Vardoran. You can also obtain them through fishing and looting golden chests. Every hat in V Rising and how to get them can be found below.

How to Get Every Hat

IconNameHow to Obtain
Ashfolk Crown v risingAshfolk CrownWorld Drop in Silverlight Hills
Ashfolk Helmet V RisingAshfolk HelmetPurchased from Ottar the Merchant
Bear Head V RisingBear HeadPurchased from Berk the Trader
Boneguard Mask v risingBoneguard MaskRare Drop from Skeletons or looted from coffins
Bonnet V RisingBonnetWorld Drop in Dunley Farmlands
Deer Head V RisingDeer HeadPurchased from Berk the Trader
footman's helmet v risingFootman’s HelmetWorld Drop in Dunley Farmlands
Immortal King's Greathelm v risingImmortal King’s GreathelmAvailable in DLC Dracula’s Relics Pack – Can be crafted
Knight's Helmet v risingKnight’s HelmetWorld Drop in Silverlight Hills
Maid's Cap v risingMaid’s CapWorld Drop in Farbane Woods
Maid's Scarf v risingMaid’s ScarfWorld Drop in Dunley Farmlands
Militia Helmet v risingMilitia HelmWorld Drop any zone
Mitre V RisingMitrePurchased from Ottar the Merchant
Necromancer's Mitre V RisingNecromancer’s MitrePurchased from Gavyn the Shady Dealer
Nightlurker Head v risingNightlurker HeadRare Drop from Reveler’s in Cursed Forest
Paladin's Helmet v risingPaladin’s HelmetWorld Drop in Silverlight Hills
Pilgrim's Hat V RisingPilgrim’s HatPurchased from Gavyn the Shady Dealer
Plague Doctor MaskDLC – Sinister Evolution Pack
Razer Hood v risingRazer HoodWorld Drop any zone
Rusted Helmet v risingRusted HelmetWorld Drop in Farbane Woods
Scarecrow Mask v risingScarecrow MaskRare Drop from Scarecrows at the Abandoned Farm in Dunley Farmlands
Straw Hat v risingStraw HatWorld Drop in Cursed Forest
Top Hat v risingTop HatWorld Drop in Cursed Forest and Silverlight Hills
Undead General Helmet v risingUndead General HelmetRare Drop from Undead Commanders
vampire hunter headgear v risingVampire Hunter HeadgearRare Drop from Tristan the Vampire Hunter
Wolf Head V RisingWolf HeadPurchased from Berk the Trader