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How to Get Paper in V Rising

You will need paper in V Rising to unlock recipes at the research table. If you are unable to find a specific recipe book you can utilize 50 paper to unlock a random recipe at the table. These are important for your progress because you’ll unlock armor, weapons, consumables, and structures that you will need so you’ll want to farm paper early on.

The best way to get paper in V Rising during early game is by raiding bandit camps in Farbane Woods. You can see which locations have paper as drops by opening your map and hovering over specific areas. You’ll be able to find paper in those areas in chests, by destroying crates and barrels, and killing the enemies located there.

As you progress you will be able to obtain paper by sending your servants out on hunts and by utilizing a Paper Press in V Rising to craft the paper.

Where to get paper in v rising

How to Get the Paper Press

In order to get the paper press in V Rising you will first need to obtain the study. You will need to locate and defeat the boss Nicholaus the Fallen to gain access to craft the structure. You can then find the study by pressing the default build key of “B” while in your castle and navigating to Production and clicking the Research tab.

It will cost you 40 paper, 40 planks, 8 copper ingots, and 8 grave dust to craft. After you have placed the Study in your castle you can then begin unlocking new structures, armor, weapons, magic, and consumables with scrolls or specific scroll books to progress your character.

Study V Rising

You need to farm areas in the Dunley Farmlands that have the scroll icon listed. If you’re lucky enough to get the Paper Press scroll book from one of these locations then you can simply unlock it directly. If you can not find the scroll book then you will need to obtain 75 scrolls to unlock a random item from the Study. You may have to repeat this process multiple times until you’re able to unlock the Paper Press in V Rising.

Once you have the Paper press you can then interact with it to craft paper. You can also craft scrolls and other items by unlocking the recipes from defeating certain bosses.