Primal Blood Essence in V Rising is the highest tier of blood essence available in the game. You can obtain it in two different ways. The first way is by refining exquisite hearts into a primal blood essence. It costs 4 exquisite hearts to make 1 primal blood essence. If you have an Alchemy room with the appropriate bonuses the cost drops to 3 hearts for 1 essence.

Exquisite hearts drop from enemies in the higher level zones. They are the rarest form of heart drops from enemies. Therefore, it’s a good idea to store them as you come across them. Farming these hearts will take you a very long time. It’s not an efficient way to obtain the primal blood essence that you’re after. However, there is an easier way to obtain primal blood essence versus farming exquisite hearts. You will need to defeat a V Boss and acquire the recipe.

IconItem NameDescription
Primal Blood Essence V RisingPrimal Blood EssenceAn energy source distilled from blood. Vampires use it to control material, to unlock sealed knowledge and to convert humans into obedient servants. It’s used in higher tier recipes (such as the anvil), used to upgrade your castle heart, and used in high tier gear recipes.

How to Craft Primal Blood Essence in V Rising

You will need to acquire the primal blood essence recipe, as well as, the advanced blood press refining station recipe. In order to get the recipe you will have to defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter. This is a V boss that roams the paths in Dunley Farmland. After defeating Jade you’ll have the recipe for both the primal blood essence and the advanced blood press.

In order to craft primal blood essence you will need to use the blood press. You will need to turn blood essence into greater blood essence, and then use craft the primal blood essence from the greater blood essence. It will cost you 8 greater blood essence to craft 1 primal blood essence. If you have an alchemy room the cost is reduces to 6 greater blood essence for 1 primal blood essence.

What Primal Blood Essence is Used For

Primal Blood Essence is used for end game structures and gear. You will need it to upgrade your castle heart to level, craft the anvil, and ancestral forge. It’s also utilized in certain end game gear recipes like the upgrades to the Dawthron Armor set.

If you have a forge room, workshop room, or tailor room then the cost is reduced accordingly.

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