Introduction to Raiding

V Rising features a raiding mechanic on its PvP servers. Players can raid other Vampire’s castles and get away with a ton of loot. After you have killed all the main bosses and successfully reached maximum gear score, raiding will be your primary content if you’re on a PvP server. You’ll be going after additional loot, destroying opposing vampire’s castles, and fighting over Soul Shards.

Soul Shards are powerful artifacts you get from the final bosses. If you can obtain all four of them you will be named Dracula of the server. So, it’s important to understand how the raiding mechanic works in V Rising so you can rise to glory by raiding others, and defend your precious loot against other raiding Vampires.

How to Make a Siege Golem in V Rising

To pull off a successful castle raid in V Rising you will need to be able to make a Siege Golem. To do this you will need to first defeat the boss, Terah the Geomancer. After you defeat her you will unlock the ability to craft a gem cutting table and receive the recipe for a Siege Golem Stone.

You will only need a Siege Golem for Stone Castles. You can blow up wooden castle walls by utilizing explosives, and successfully raid.

Terah the Geomancer V Rising

To craft the Siege Golem Stone you will need to have a gem cutting table. Once you craft the table you will be able to craft the Siege Golem Stone. It will cost you 6 Obsidian and 1 Primal Blood Essence

Once you have the necessary materials you can craft the Siege Golem and prepare for your raid. While you are in Siege Golem form your teammates can damage the wall as well. So, it’s recommended that you craft some explosives for the raid as well to help tear down walls quicker.

How to Raid in V Rising

You will first need to choose your target castle for your raid in V Rising. Once the raid period begins for your server you can then make your way to the castle and summon your Siege Golem.

When you place a Siege Golem Stone in an uncontested location it takes 150 seconds for the stone to activate. When activated you can interact with it to transform into a Siege Golem for up to 300 seconds. This allows you to break into stone structures. You can absorb a set amount of damage before the form breaks. The amount of damage you can absorb scales based on the health of the Siege Stone.

Summoning the Siege Golem will trigger two notifications to the entire server. First, a notification that a Siege Golem has been placed. Second, the map will show exactly where the Siege Golem is (these settings can be adjusted on private servers).

Other vampires can damage and destroy you Golem before it finishes the 150 second summon. So, you will need to be prepared to fight and defend the Golem. When the summoning is complete the Siege Golem will rise and you will be able to take control of it.

You will have 3 abilities as the Golem. A basic attack, a foot slam that does large amounts of AoE damage, and a big swing that arches in front of the Golem. You can fight other players while in Golem form as well as damage the castle walls to breach them for the raid. If you take too much damage as the Golem the Golem form will be destroyed.

Once you’re inside the castle it’s time to kill any players in the castle and take your loot.

Merciless or Hardcore PvP Raid vs Regular PvP Raid

The major difference between hardcore PvP raiding and regular PvP raiding is the ability to completely destroy or take over an opposing Vampire’s castle. You can utilize keys to either destroy the castle heart or take it over in hardcore PvP. You will be able to raid castles on regular PvP servers but you can not utilize the keys to destroy it or take it over.

Raiding Outside of Raid Window

Typically players can only raid other castles during the specific raid window for their server. However, if you come across a castle that is decaying you can raid the castle at any time. Once inside you can fully loot the castle. You can also fully destroy a castle that is not fortified on both regular PvP servers and hardcore PvP servers. So, make sure you are keeping your Castle Heart fed and your Castle Powered and Fortified.