How to Find Bosses in V Rising

To track bosses in V rising you will need to construct a Blood Altar. In order to do so you will first need to complete the quest “Getting Ready for the Hunt.” To complete this quest you will need construct and interact with a sawmill, construct and interact with a simple workbench and increase you gear level to 15.

You will unlock the blueprint to craft the Blood Altar in the Dominance section of the Production tab in the building menu once the quest is complete. After you construct the Blood Altar you will need to interact with it. Upon interacting with the Altar you will see a list of all the V Blood Carriers.

You will only be able see information for certain bosses. This is determined by your current Gear Score. To track bosses in V Rising you will need to select one of them in the Blood Altar and then exit the menu. You will see a red wisp stretch in a particular direction after a few moments. The wisp will vanish after a few seconds and the re-appear showing you the direction that you need to follow in order to track the boss in V Rising.

It’s important to point out that even though the Blood Altar only shows bosses that you are capable of fighting, you can encounter other V Rising bosses in the world at all times. If you venture out into a dangerous area, you may happen upon a boss that you are under geared to defeat with your current gear score.

If you happen upon a boss randomly you will still be able to feed on them to receive the recipe and ability unlocks from defeating that particular boss even if you have not tracked them.

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