How to Get Blood Essence

Blood Essence is an essential part of V Rising. It’s one of the most important resources in the game. It is used to feed you Castle Heart to ensure that it doesn’t decay and used in a numerous amount of essential crafting recipes, such as Greater Blood Essence.

Obtaining it is fairly easy. Even though it’s a vital resource in the game it’s also a common one to obtain. All you need to do to acquire it is kill any living humanoid creature that bleeds. Once you finish the kill you will receive an amount of Essence that is based on the type and level of the enemy. It will automatically be placed into your inventory. You will not have to manually loot the Essence.

You will get it from the enemy whether you feed on it or not. Simply kill it in order to receive the Essence. You will not receive Blood Essence from enemy types such as Undead, Stone, Treants, etc.

You can also obtain it by converting 4 Rats into 10 Essence or 4 Tainted Hearts into 60 Essence at the Blood Press crafting station.

How to craft blood essence v rising

How to Power and Fortify Your Castle Heart

Your Castle Heart is what powers and fortifies your castle. In order to keep it powered and prevent it from decaying you will need to feed it Blood Essence. As long as your castle remains fortified it will be shielded from enemy attacks and maintain its roof which will protect you from the sun.

You will be able to store up to 500 Blood Essence in a level 1 Castle Heart. This will be in the form of 250 per stack. This will provide you with over 2 days for Castle Heart to be powered and the castle walls to be fortified. You can upgrade the amount of Essence you can place in the Castle Heart by upgrading the Heart. A level 2 castle heart can hold up to 1000 Essence. This will give you over 5 days of power and fortification. Those times are real world times.

The more you upgrade you Castle Heart the more Essence you can store in it. This will increase the time your castle will be powered and fortified.

Castle Heart V Rising

Storing Blood Essence

You will likely stack more Blood Essence early on than you can store in your Castle Heart. So, make sure you construct some stashes in your castle to store the excess. You will continue to acquire it pretty much every time you head out of your castle and will need it throughout your time playing. You can never have too much.

blood essence v rising

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