What Does Sun do in V Rising

V Rising features a Day Night cycle that can have some deadly effects if you’re not aware of the mechanics behind it. As a vampire in V Rising the daylight can be your worst enemy if you maintain exposure to it. Sun damage is brutal for any vampire.

This is a major mechanic in V Rising, and could result in a lot of early deaths if you’re not careful. If you are in the sun too long you will begin taking a ton of damage over time until you die. When you stand in the sun you you will start to see a few sparks and smoke appear around your character. After a few moments you will then see a sunbeam beaming down on your character. Once this happens you will begin taking tons of damage. There are a few ways to avoid sun exposure and we’ll go over them in this guide.

Sun Exposure in V Rising

How Long is the V Rising Day Night Cycle

A full day in V Rising is 1080 seconds, or 18 minutes. Day time lasts 6 minutes, and night time lasts 12 minutes on default settings. You can adjust these settings on private servers.

In V Rising, daytime lasts from 10 AM to 6 PM in game time, and the Nighttime lasts from 7 PM to 9 AM in game time. This gives you 8 hours of day time and 14 hours of night time. Therefore, you will have ample time to explore and hunt without exposure to sunlight. You can adjust the start and end times of day and night on private servers.

During the daytime, try to avoid leaving your castle. This is an excellent time to work on expansion of you castle, decoration, crafting, and preparing to head out during the night. If you choose to venture out during the day there are some ways to avoid exposure to the sun.

v rising day night cycle

How to Avoid Sun Exposure in V Rising

Shade – If you decide to go out exploring during the day you will need to stick to the shade to get around safely. There are not too many areas that lack shade all together. You can move swiftly between the shadows utilizing your movement abilities or by riding a horse. If you begin to get burnt by the sun you can reset the timer by quickly making your way into a shaded area.

Coffin – Sleeping in a Coffin in V Rising can also help you avoid the sunlight. This does not pass the time any quicker, but will protect you from sun exposure.

Mist Brazier – Building a Mist Brazier will also block the sun in a small area as long as it’s fueled with bones.

v rising mist brazier

Castle – You can seek shelter in your castle to prevent sun exposure as well as long as you have walls and a floor. Having walls and a floor will automatically build a roof on that area which will protect you from the sun without the need of a Mist Brazier.

Sun Resistance – You can also increase the amount of time you can stay in the sun by increasing your sun resistance. This can be done by utilizing various consumables and equipment in the game. The higher your resistance, the longer you can stay in the sun before you begin to take damage.

v rising sun resistance

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