How Vampire Waygates Work

Vampire Waygates are a form of fast travel in V Rising. You can also utilize Waygates as a spawn point if you die. This can be very useful if you’re a long way away from you castle and you die while trying to defeat a boss, PvPing, or get overran by mobs. You can respawn at one of the Waygates and quickly make your way back to your corpse.

There are several of these Waygates located throughout Vardoran. This form of fast travel differs from the Cave passages. Unlike the caves, you can travel from any Vampire Waygate to any other on the map. This includes a Waygate that you can construct in your own castle. You can also travel to Waygates constructed by other players as long as they are in your clan.

To use a Vampire Waygate you simply locate one and interact with it. You will then choose which Waygate you wish to travel to. However, there is a restriction. Unlike caves, You can not travel between them if you have resources in your inventory. This includes items such as Plant Fibre, Cotton, Lumber, Stone, Animal Hides, Bone, etc.

You will be able to travel through the Waygates with gear pieces, such as armor, jewelry and weapons. You can also carry consumables like resistance brews and healing potions, and can travel through Waygates with any type of blood essence. You can check any item descritption and look under to the name to see if it can be teleported. If an item can not be teleported through a Waygate it will read “Cannot be Teleported.”

Cannot be teleported V Rising

How to Build a Waygate in V Rising

You can construct your own Waygate in your castle. You will need to defeat the boss Polora the Feywalker in order to unlock the structure.

To build the Waygate you will need 100 Blood Esssence, 20 gem dust, 12 stone bricks, and 4 grave dust. You can build it by pressing the default key of “B” to open the build menu. Navigate to Exterior and click the Structures & Decor tab. There you will find the option to construct the Waygate.

From your constructed Waygate you can travel to any other Waygate location on the map. Anyone in your clan can utilize the Waygate you have built. All the same restrictions for carrying items will still apply.

All Vampire Waygate Locations

There are currently 10 Vampire Waygate locations in Vardoran. They are scattered throughout every region. There are four in Farbane Woods, three in Dunley Farmlands, one in the Cursed Forest, one in Silverlight Hills, and one in Hallowed Mountains.

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