Steam early access hit, V Rising, launches fully on PC on May 8th, 2024. It’s expected to fully launch on PlayStation 5 later in 2024. Since hitting early access the game has seen many improvements and updates, including a large update, Gloomrot. There’s a ton of new features to dive into on May the 8th. Here’s what to expect with the V Rising Full Release.

New End Game & World Updates

There’s a new end game zone coming in with update 1.0. This is arguably the biggest feature being added to the game. This area is called the Ruins of Mortium. Here, you’ll be participating in an endgame region with dynamic conflict events. You’ll be engaging in skirmishes against Dracula’s Legion of Noctum and conquering rifts to claim exclusive new resources.

In the Ruins of Morium, or the shadow realm, you’ll be fighting a new enemy, the Draculin monstrosities. You’ll face off against new bosses, Elena the Hallow, Cassus the Betrayer, and Valencia the Drepraved.

Ruins of Mortium v rising

There’s also a new crossover with Castlevania. You will be able to take on Simon Belmont, and unlock a new weapon, the whip!

Along with the new end-game area and Castlevania crossover, you can expect a ton of improvements for the existing zones. Areas like Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands will have some new experiences to explore. You’ll now be able to discover the legend of Dracula’s Demise. You can explore the tale of the iconic vampire king and his defeat by the Church of Light centuries ago.

There has also been vast improvements made to the visuals of the world. In the full release you’ll be able to experience the new light engine, and enriched setting.

Cargo Travelers

Along with the new world building, there’s also a new feature coming into the game called Cargo Travelers. As you explore the world you’ll come across the humans of Vardoran carrying cargo with a horse and carriage.

When you see them you’ll have the opportunity to take out the caravans for some valuable loot, and satisfy your thirst for blood.

cargo travellers v rising


The V Rising full release will also feature new additions to magic. The magic system has been improved by the addition of new spells and passive magic bonuses.

The full release also includes additional weapons, the bow and whip. Along with the new weapon types you will also be able to experience new unique legendary weapons. Each one is specifically tailored to a different playstyle. You’ll also be able to upgrade those legendary weapons utilizing the Ancestral Weapon Upgrades system at the ancestral forge.

There’s also an entirely new level of armor making it’s way into the game, as well as, a new form. You’ll be able to transform into a spider to sneak past your enemies.

New Castle Features

The V Rising full release also comes chalked full of new castle building features. One of the most notable includes the ability to relocate you castle. You’ll now be able to move your plot in the world to any other available plot by laying down the framework and pressing one button.

Other new building features include:

  • Seamless Item Management – UI Improvements that make inventory management much smoother
  • New Castle Decor – Tons of new items and decorations to place in your castle
  • Music Player – A music player you can place in your castle that plays the haunting melodies of Vardoran

The full release of V Rising hits steam on May 8th! For guides and more info make sure to check out our complete V Rising guide library!