A status effect in Warframe is an additional effect that can be applied at random from a weapon or a Warframe. The chance that a hit will apply a status effect is based on the types of damage the weapon inflicts. There are several different types of status effects in Warframe, and each have a different effect. This guide will walk you though how status effects work in Warframe.

How Status Effects Work in Warframe

There is a big difference between damage and status in Warframe. Damage is very straight forward. Whenever you deal damage you simply hit your target and it reduces the target’s overguard, shield, or health by a given amount. If the target is weak to that damage type then they will take additional damage. Every time you hit your target you will deal all its damage types all of the time.

The status effects, on the other hand, are effects that can occur in addition to your damage. Those effects are listed below in the “All Warframe Status Effects” section. Each different damage type you have will have a chance to apply a status effect, or proc, on your target. For example, if you have a weapon that deals puncture, slash, impact, corrosive, and blast damage you will have a chance every time you hit your target to proc the status effect associated with those damage types.

In the image below, the weapon has a total status chance of 14%. The 14% is allocated to each damage type currently on the weapon. This means that every time you shoot your target with this weapon you have a 0.3% chance to proc the slash effect, a 0.3% chance to proc the impact effect, a 2.5% chance to proc the puncture effect, a 5.2% chance to proc the corrosive effect, and a 5.7% chance to proc the blast effect. This totals to the 14% status effect chance.

How Status Effects Work in Warframe

How Status Chance is Calculated

The percentage chance you have to proc a status effect for a given damage type is calculated by taking the amount of damage for a damage type and dividing it by the total damage. You then multiply by the total status chance percentage. So, using the image above it would be the following:

Damage TypeTotal Status Chance
Slash(5.9 / 261.4) * 14% = 0.3%
Impact (5.9 / 261.4) * 14% = 0.3%
Puncture(47 / 261.4) * 14% = 2.5%
Corrosive(96.9 / 261.4) * 14% = 5.2%
Blast(105.7 / 261.4) * 14% = 5.7%
Total Status Chance14%

You can increase your total status chance through the use of mods. Increasing your total status chance will then allocate that increase to each damage type. For example, if you increased your status chance to 16% from 14% you would simply replace the 14% with 16% in the formula above. This would increase the status effect chance of each damage type listed.

If you were to take off the mods that gave you blast damage it would not decrease the total status chance. However, it would decrease your total damage because you would no longer have the blast damage type. Therefore, the chance to proc the status effect for the other damage types would change. The 261.4 total damage in the example above would change to the new total damage number causing your status effect percentage chance to change for the remaining damage types.

The opposite of that is also true. If you were to add an additional damage type to the weapon above then you would introduce a new chance for another status effect, along with increased total damage. This would then allocate the 14% status effect chance across more damage types.

Combining Damage Types

You can combine certain damage types with mods that will produce a different damage type and a different status effect. For example, combining Electricity and Toxin will produce the Corrosive damage type. The combinations for the additional damage types is listed below:

Damage Type 1Damage Type 2Result

All Warframe Status Effects

If we used the the example from above, you would have a 5.7% chance every time you hit your target to proc the Blast status effect listed below, as well as the other status chance effects on that particular weapon.

The status effect for each damage type is as follows:

IconDamage TypeStatus Effect NameStatus Effect PvE
SlashBleedDeals 35% of the base damage per second over 6 seconds (bypasses Armor).
Impact KnockbackCauses target to flinch and staggers movement for 1 second and increases the health threshold at which they can be Parazon Mercy Killed by 8% per proc. Stacks up to 5 times.
PunctureWeakenedReduces any damage dealt by 40% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times, with subsequent procs reducing damage by 10% to a total of 80%. The victim receives 5% increased weapon Critical Chance per proc up to 25% at max stacks. This bonus is additive after mods, but does not apply to area of effect damage or Warframe abilities.
ColdFreeze Reduces Movement Speed, Fire Rate, and Attack Speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 9 times, with subsequent procs increasing slow by 5% to a total of 90%. The target receives +0.1 increased Critical Multiplier on initial proc and +0.05 per subsequent proc to a maximum of +0.5, additive after mods.
ElectricityTesla ChainDeals 50% of the base damage as Electricity damage per second over 6 seconds to enemies within 3 meters of the target and stuns the affected target for 3 seconds.
HeatIgnite Deals 50% of the base damage as Heat damage per second over 6 seconds (increase by Heat mods, can be refreshed) while causing the target to panic for 4 seconds and stripping up to 50% Armor.
ToxinPoisonDeals 50% of the base damage as Toxin damage per second over 6 seconds (bypasses Shield).
BlastDetonateDeals 30% of base damage after 1.5 seconds as an explosion. At 10 stacks or on death, stacks deal their damage simultaneously to enemies within 5m while staggering them.
CorrosiveCorrosionReduces armor by 26% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs reducing armor by 6% to a total of 80%.
GasGas CloudDeals 50% of the base damage as Gas damage per second over 6 seconds in a 3 meter radius. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs increasing radius by 0.3 meters to a total of 6 meters.
MagneticDisruptAmplifies damage dealt to shields by 100% and nullifies shield regeneration for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs increasing damage to shields by 25% to a total of 325%.
RadiationConfusionAttacks any closest enemy and will be attacked in return while dealing 100% additional damage to allied units for 12 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs increasing damage by 50% to a total of 550%.
ViralVirusAmplifies damage dealt to health by 100% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs increasing damage to health by 25% to a total of 325%.
VoidBullet Attractor Creates a 2.5 meter radius field which attracts projectiles for 3 seconds.

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