What is Mastery Rank in Warframe

Mastery Rank in Warframe, or MR, is an indication of how much total content you have experienced in the game. As you level up various Warframes and weapons you will be rewarded with Mastery Rank experience. You can view your Mastery Rank and the amount of experience needed by viewing your profile. This information can also be obtained quickly by hovering over your Avatar in the top left corner of the UI. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about MR in Warframe.

It’s also very important to point out that any unranked equipment you have in your inventory will begin with a mod capacity equal to your current mastery rank. The maximum is 30 starting mod capacity because the maximum MR is 30. However, equipment with an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst equipped will have a starting mod capacity of 60.

mastery rank in warframe

How to Increase Your Mastery Rank

In order to increase your Mastery Rank in Warframe you will need to level up different items in the game. There’s a total of 30 Mastery Rank levels. Once you reach 30 you will then begin to level your legendary MR to gain legendary MR levels. The following items can be leveled in order to gain experience towards your MR:

ItemMR Points Per Level
Kitgun Chambers100
Zaw Strikes100
Amp Prisms100
Sentinel Weapons100
Archwing Weapons100
The Plexus200

You can also clear the main objective of any mission node for the first time to earn additional mastery points. Your map progression can be viewed in your profile menu under the general stats section. 1,000 MR points can also be earned by completing a Junction to another planet, and each rank of of a railjack’s and drifter intrinsics gives you 1,500 MR points.

mastery rank in warframe

It’s very important to point out that you will only receive mastery points one time per unique item or task completed. For example, you can not level a weapon to level 30, sell it, and then re-level it for mastery rank points. However, if you sell an item that’s below max rank and then re-acquire that item then the ranks that were previously not gained will still earn you mastery points.

You will not lose excess mastery points if you reach maximum points for a particular rank and haven’t advanced to the next rank. These points will carry over to the next rank. So, feel free to continue leveling your weapons, frames, and companions even if you’re ready for an MR test.

MR Tests

As you gain mastery rank points you’ll ultimately gain enough to increase you MR level. In order to increase your Mastery Rank in Warframe you’ll have to complete a Mastery Rank test. It’s important to point out that you can only perform your test solo. Every test is different, and typically get more challenging as you progress. However, you do have the opportunity to practice each test prior to actually taking it (more on that below).

As soon as you’re eligible to take the test, you’ll be alerted in game. You can attempt the test at any time, and as mentioned previously you will not lose MR points if you don’t do it right away. However, once you choose to do it you’ll need to pass it or you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can attempt it again. Once you pass the test you will be promoted to the next mastery rank level.

The MR test for each rank is as follows:

Mastery RankTest TypeObjective
1ExterminateExterminate three waves of enemies using Primary weapon.
2ExterminateExterminate three waves of enemies using Secondary weapon.
3ExterminateExterminate three waves of enemies using Melee weapon.
4SurvivalSurvive for a given period of time.
5Terminal HackingHack six terminals within the time limit.
6MarksmanshipTrack targets quickly and accurately.
7ExterminateEliminate three waves of enemies within the time limit.
8AgilityJump across several platforms. Shooting the red orbs causes the next platform to appear.
9StealthEliminate the targets while remaining undetected using Melee only.
10Disappearing PlatformEliminate enemies while maneuvering on a 3 by 3 grid of disappearing platforms.
11Time TrialRun through the obstacle course within the time limit. Shooting the red orbs adds time.
12CarouselEliminate targets, while keeping track of the environment.
13Advanced Disappearing PlatformEliminate enemies, while remaining mobile.
14Advanced ExterminateEliminate three waves of enemies of higher level.
15InterceptionCapture and maintain control over Control Points.
16DefenseDefend the target against 3 waves of enemies.
17Advanced ExterminateEliminate enemies within the time limit.
18Advanced DefenseDefend the target against 5 waves of enemies.
19Stealth RescueWhile undetected, destroy six orbs and escort the Rescue Target to the extraction point.
20Archwing Time TrialFly between platforms within the time limit.
21Timed ExterminateEliminate enemies within the time limit. Destroying the orbs with a Melee weapon adds time.
22ArenaWin 3 rounds of Arena.
23Mobile Point CaptureCapture 6 mobile Control Points within the time limit.
24OperatorDestroy the orb as the Operator.
25Deployable Archwing ExterminateEliminate enemies using the Archwing within the time limit.
26Advanced Mobile Point CaptureCapture 6 mobile Control Points within the time limit.
27Index BankingWin a round of Index.
28Condensed Thermia Extermination TestEliminate enemies using limited resources. Enemies are only vulnerable when covered in Thermia.
29Advanced Timed Extermination TestEliminate enemies within the time limit. Killing enemies adds time.
30Advanced Survival TestEliminate waves of enemies while maintaining Life Support. Activate Life Support Capsules within the time limit to proceed to the next wave.

The legendary MR tests consist of legendary exterminate and survival tests. These test involve level 80+ rank enemies.

How to Practice the Tests

You may choose to practice your MR tests prior to attempting them. This can be incredibly useful due to the 24 hour lapse between attempts. In order to practice your Master Rank tests you can visit any almost any relay in the game. Once there, you will need to find the Cephalon Simaris room. The room can be easily accesses by opening your main menu and selecting the fast travel option while in the relay. From there, simply select the Cephalon Simaris option.

cephalon simaris warframe

Once in the room you can run up the stairs to your right. On the wall in the stairwell you will see stations for each Mastery Rank. From here you can interact with the stations to either practice your test or actually perform the test. You can also access any test you have previously passed if you choose.

how to do a mastery rank test in warframe

MR Rewards

Increasing your Mastery Rank will unlock certain items in the game, and give you several benefits. You will need to increase your MR in order to use certain weapons and other equipment in the game. Increasing your MR will also unlock some quests, raise the cap of some limiters like mod capacity, void traces, extractors, focus and syndicate standing.

Specific Rank Rewards

The specific unlocks and rewards you receive from each Mastery Rank in Warframe is as follows:

Mastery RankReward
0– The daily maximum Syndicate standing is  16,000.
– The maximum accumulation cap of Void Traces is 100.
– The daily maximum of Focus points earned through Focus Lenses is 250,000.
– You can deploy 1 Resource Extractor at a time.
– A free Loadout slot in the Arsenal.
1– Unlocks Maroo’s Bazaar.
– Unlocks level 10-30 Bounties.
2– Unlocks Trading.
– Unlocks level 20-40 Bounties.
3– Unlocks access to faction Syndicates.
– Unlocks level 30-50 Bounties.
– Unlocks The Waverider quest.
– Unlocks Mirror Defense on Tyana Pass, Mars.
4– Unlocks The Deadlock Protocol quest.
5– Unlocks the ability to deploy a second Resource Extractor.
– Unlocks Councilor Vay Hek Assassination mission on Oro, Earth.
– Unlocks level 40-60 Bounties.
– Unlocks Sands of Inaros quest.
– Unlocks Sorties.
– Unlocks Kuva Siphon missions.
– Unlocks Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos.
7– Unlocks The Silver Grove quest.
8– Unlocks all faction Syndicate Melee weapons.
– Unlocks access to all Relays.
– Minimium rank required to use and trade Riven Mods.
– Allows purchasing the Helminth Segment from Son.
10– Unlocks the ability to deploy 3 Resource Extractors simultaneously.
– Unlocks ability to auto-slot Ayatan Stars into Ayatan Sculptures.
– Unlocks ability to purchase more Mod Config and Appearance Config slots (max 3 more slots per item).
– Unlocks the ability to launch The Steel Path Bounties for open world missions.
12 – Unlocks all faction Syndicate Primary weapons.
15– Unlocks all Market, Syndicate, and clan Research weapons.
– Unlocks almost all game content to date.
16– Unlocks the final rank requirement for equipping Riven Mods.
– Unlocks all Tenet weapons.
30– Umbra Forma +3
– Loadout Slots +15
– Riven Mod Slots +30
– True Master Chat Emoji
– True Master Emote
– True Master Sumdali (Landing Craft Hull Ornament)
– True Master’s Font Relay Blessing
– Stacks with Affinity Booster, Credit Booster, and Resource Drop Chance Booster.

Standard Rewards

Along with the specific rank rewards you will also be given standard rewards for each rank achieved. Those standard rewards include the following:

  • Increase your daily maximum Syndicate standing by 500
  • Increase the maximum accumulation cap of Void Traces by 50
  • Increase the daily maximum focus points earned through focus lenses by 5,000
  • Increase the maximum enemy level in the Simulacrum by 5
  • A Mastery Slate orbiter decoration
  • Every 3 ranks the mastery sigil changes design
  • Each legendary rank awards you with a legendary core