There’s a quest you can get early on in Warframe once you make your way to the town of Cetus on Earth. This quest is called Saya’s Vigil. It can be challenging to locate Saya in Warframe, so this guide will walk you through the quest, and show you the exact location of the NPC.

How to Unlock the Quest

In order to unlock the Saya’s Vigil quest you’ll need to have completed the quest Vor’s Prize, as well as completed a bounty on the Plains of Eidolon. Once you have completed both of the prerequisites you’ll be able to speak with Konzu on Cetuz. Konzu will then give you the quest when you select the “Personal Favor” dialogue option.

how to find saya in warframe

Once you accept the quest this will send you on a mission to find Saya.

Location of Saya in Warframe

After you accept the quest above a white marker will appear on you map showing Saya’s location. However, it can still be a bit tricky to locate her simply from the marker. She is located inside of Cetus. As you enter the town you’ll go up some stone steps. You will reach a fork in road and the stone steps will end. Take a left here.

Keep going down the dirt path. You’ll pass several huts and will then see more stone steps. Up those steps is a tree. Saya is standing next to the tree.

Once you find her and speak with her, she’ll ask you if you wish to help search for her husband. If you accept the quest you’ll be sent into the Plains of Eidolon to begin.

how to find saya in warframe