All Wayfinder Locations – Cities, Lost Zones, Open World, & More

by | Last updated Feb 2, 2024


There’s a ton of different Wayfinder Locations to explore. These locations feature cities that will be your hub for actitives, open world locations to explore, lost zones that include a variety of dungeons, and more.

This guide explains all Wayfinder locations, what you can expect to find there, and why you would want to go there.

Wayfinder Locations


The all encompassing world of Wayfinder is called Evenor. It was created long ago by the Celestial Architects, often referred to as the Arcs. They utilized primal elements in order to forge Evenor together. Evenor was originally populated by the children of the Arcs called the Precursors. The Precursors eventually turned their power against their creators and challenged the Arcs for control of reality. However, they ultimatley lost the battle and left Evenor in the hands of humans.

In the wake of the conflict, the Arcs left one gift behind, the Beacons. The beacons are towers that are charged with elemental energy that can be tapped into by a skilled Arcanist. Due to their importance, much of civilization is built around these beacons.

Everything you do in Wayfinder will be done inside of the world of Evenor.


Skylight is a town located within the territory of Westreach. It servers as a main hub within Wafinder. Some Wayfinders died here during the fall fighting against the Deepd Eldren that invaded the town. There is beacon located within Skylight that remained after the fall. That beacon protects the city.

Within Skylight you will find the gloomsphere. It was at this large gate that the Deep Eldren emerged and began their attack on the city. However, after the fall the gloomsphere is now utilized by Wayfinder’s in order access the lost zones.

If you locate a lost zone in the open world it will then be permanently unlocked in the gloomsphere. Meaning you can then access that specific lost zone from the city.

Skylight Wayfinder


The Highlands, also referred to as the Kragan Highlands, is an open world area that can be explored. This area is the wilderness that surrounds Skylight and encompasses lower Skylight. The Highlands is inhabited by enemies knows as the Shrike and Geartooth Goblin encampments can be found here as well.

You can explore this area to find some other locations of interest that include the Pit and the Bloodworks. These two known locations are found within the underground mines of the Highlands. After the fall, the Shrike syndicate occupied many of the mines for the Godsblood within.

Lost Zones

Lost zones are pockets located within the gloom. These areas were formed by the remnants of what the gloom has consumed. As a Wayfinder you can shape lost zones by utilizing the power of the gloom dagger which will allow you passage through the gloom.

Once inside a lost zone you will be met with hostile creatures that were manifested by the gloom’s memories. Every lost zone has its own anchor. The anchor is a large heart that keeps the zone together. As a Wayfinder you will be able to destroy the anchor with your gloom dagger. This will destroy the lost zone returning it back into the gloom.

As you explore the open world areas in Wayfinder you can find entrances to specific lost zones. Once you locate an entrance once, you can then permanently access it via the gate located in the city of Skylight.

There are currently several different lost zones you can explore in Wayfinder. Each of these areas contains three different zones, and each zone contains both expeditions and hunts. These area are:

  • Aurelien
    • Codex Halls
    • Undercroft
    • Repository
  • Mines
    • The Pit
    • Bloodworks
    • Bal Duum
  • Reaverwoods


Equal parts library, temple, and arcane workshop, Aurelian was once a monastery for the Order of the Silver Codex. Originally founded as an Imperial outpost in a dangerous frontier, the ruins of Aurelian boast imposing fortifications which loom over The Highlands.

Rumor tells that the monastery was abandoned during the height of the Mazewar, though the details of the raid on its denizens remain unclear. Still, it is well documented that Aurelian once supported a robust population of monks and travelers. The Seekers believe there may still be supplies and both technological and arcane boons capable of restoring Skylight hidden within the monastery’s walls. Yet mystical wards and ancient traps linger in the ruins, plaguing any scavengers that dare explore Aurelian’s forlorn halls. Thus, like most silver linings in The Highlands, little hope remains.


The mines are an underground area located in the Highlands. They have been consumed by the gloom. After the fall the Shrike Syndicate occupied most of the mines for the Godsblood that could be found within.

There are two known locations within the mines called The Pit and the Bloodworks.


Not a lot is known about Reaverwoods at this time.