The Archon Commander can be found in Aurelian in the Undercroft. This is the first hunt you will encounter in the Undercroft. The recommended power rating for this boss is 929 with a recommended group size of 2.

Twisted echoes of the Archons who fought here yet linger in the Undercroft’s halls. These foul Remnants and the Commander who led them must be put to rest.

This Wayfinder boss guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this encounter.

Archon Commander wayfinder

Archon Commander Drops

Below are the available Boss Drops:

There are several other possible drops that are random each time you kill the boss. You can check our database for the full list of possible drops (Coming soon!).

Archon Commander Walkthrough

The Archon Commander, Commander Creed, is a sword and shield-wielding boss that has several abilities that you need to be aware of:

First Phase Abilities

  • Leap – He will leap at your target location and slam into the ground. His landing location is telegraphed by a red circle on the ground. Make sure you avoid that circle to avoid taking damage.
  • Energy Slice – The boss will slice the air with his sword. This will cause an energy slice to shoot out at his target. This is a ranged attack.
  • Overhead slam – The Archon Commander will perform a big overhand swing with his sword. He will slam it into the ground sending an energy wave on the ground in a straight line toward his intended target.
  • Sword Combo – He will swing his sword 3 times performing a combo attack. A left swing, right swing, and a lunging thrust attack.
  • Shield Rush – The boss will rush you with his shield. This will deal good amounts of break damage and stagger you if you’re hit by it.

Second Phase Abilities

  • Shadow Warriors – Commander Creed will summon 1 or multiple shadow warriors in the arena. One warrior will cover one fourth of the arena in a square. There will be a red square covering the area. You will need to make your way to an area that’s not red to avoid taking quite a lot of damage.
  • Shadow Warrior Line Attack – The Commander will summon 4 shadow warriors at one the walls of the arena. When this happens a red area will appear that stretches across the entire arena. You will need to make your way to either side of the red line to avoid taking a good amount of damage.

Third Phase Abilities

  • Energy Waves – Commander Creed will teleport to the middle of the arena. He will hold his sword in the air sending out waves of energy. At the end of the sequence of waves, he will smash the ground and wipe your group if he isn’t taken down.

Phase 1

During the first phase of the fight, the commander will perform all of the abilities listed in the “first phase abilities” section. This phase of the fight is straightforward. All of the abilities here are very telegraphed and easy to avoid.

Just make sure you are appropriately managing your dodges to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Once you have the boss down to roughly 80% health, phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2

This phase of the fight can begin to be pretty hectic. The commander will perform all of the abilities in phase one, and will also start to spawn in shadow warriors. He can spawn multiple in at a time. When this happens there will only be one small safe area in the arena. For this reason, you need to make sure you’re appropriately managing your dodges so you can make it to the safe areas when needed.

When the shadow warriors are spawned in you will have 3-4 seconds to make your way out of the red areas into a safe area in the arena. Once you have the boss down to roughly 15% health he will begin phase 3.

Phase 3

The Archon Commander will teleport to the middle of the arena. When he does this he will hold his sword above his head sending out massive waves of energy that cover the entire arena.

When this happens everyone needs to on the boss dealing as much damage as possible until he is dead. If he completes several series of waves before he dies he will slam the ground with one final burst of energy. This will wipe out the entire group.

So, make sure you immediately jump on the boss and start dealing damage as soon as this phase begins.