Pax East Panel

Recently there was a Pax East panel featuring the Wayfinder and it’s developers. Over the course of the panel many questions about the game were asked and there was some interesting information dropped, including information about how seasons are going to function, how the battlepass is going to work, and a new Wayfinder was introduced.

Wayfinder Season 1

Wayfinder Seasons

Season 1 was confirmed to be releasing with early access sometime in the Summer of 2023. Seasons are how the game will tell stories, be themed around specific characters, have new cosmetics, events, and more. A new season is expected to release roughly once every 3 months. Each season will be introduced by a cinematic featuring a new Wayfinder. The cinematics will initially be outside of the game and released on the Wayfinder Youtube channel. Other information surrounding the Wayfinder’s and their lore will be found inside and outside of the game.

Wayfinder season 1 is going to be titled “Gloom Break,” and will be centered around Venomess. Another way seasons are going to be introduced is via Wayfinder’s unique battlepass.


Each new season is going to come with a battlepass. It was confirmed during the Pax panel that each battlepass will include the new Wayfinder that’s introduced with the new season. This was implemented so that players don’t have to decide whether or not to purchase the new battle pass, or purchase the new Wayfinder.

It was also confirmed that the battlepass will not expire. You will be able to pick and choose when you have a particular battle pass active. This will allow players to work towards the battlepass at their own pace.

The battlepass UI is set up like a mini board game. Instead of leveling through the battlepass, you will earn keys as you progress through the content. Each key will unlock one of the nodes. You will need to work your way down each node in order to gather the rewards associated with that node.

The are some adventure elements to the system as well. For example, as you progress you may discover a switch that you can flip that’s next to one of the nodes you unlock that will drop a gate and let you progress into a new direction or possibly even reveal a secret.

The battlepass is still intended to be lightweight, but a fun experience for players as they progress through the content of each season.

Wayfinder Battlepass season

New Wayfinder: Venomess

Venomess’s weapon of choice is a sniper rifle, and like all other Wayfinder’s she will have a signature weapon. Hers is called Nightshade.

She is seen in the trailer activating a device on her wrist and then quickly dashing around, almost teleporting. Which leads to the assumption that she will also have high mobility.

There’s also a segment of the trailer showcasing some bad blood between Venomness and Niss. The developers stated during the Pax panel that Venomess and Niss have a shared past. They are both part of a mission that goes terribly wrong, and players will learn more about that relationship as season 1 unfolds.

You can watch the official Venomess trailer below:

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