Ryv’n is a boss in Wayfinder that you need to defeat in order to farm the Devourer’s Talon. The talon is needed to craft certain weapons, relics and consumables in the game. You will also need to farm Ryv’n for the Vestige of Silo’s Precision in order to craft Silo.

However, in order to gain access to farm Ryv’n you must first find him and complete a quest to permanently unlock the hunt. This guide will walk you through how to find Ryv’n in Wayfinder.

How to Find Ryv’n in Wayfinder

In order to encounter Ryv’n you will need to run the Repository of Knowledge. He has a random chance to spawn at the end of the lost zone. It is not required to utilize an imbuement in order to encounter the boss, however, there have been reports of players utilizing Shadow Imbuements and having luck with him spawning.

You may have to run the Repository of Knowledge several times in order to encounter Ryv’n. Once you encounter the boss you will need to take his health down to about 60% in order to complete the lost zone. Once he’s at 60% he will run away and you can exit the expedition.

Ryv’n Questline

Once you defeat Ryv’n in the Repository of Knowledge you will receive a quest to go speak with the Huntsman in Skylight. You can find the Huntsman standing near the West Gate.

Upon talking to the Huntsman you will receive a quest called “A Worthy Opponent.” This quest will send you into the Highlands to defeat 3 bosses, the Silent Butcher, Earth Shaker, and Tyran’s Bane.

Once defeated you can then return to the Huntsmaster to complete the quest. He will then have another quest available to you called Whispers in the Wind. This will send you back into the Repository of Knowledge to lure Ryv’n to you. During this encounter you simply need to get Ryv’n down to roughly 50% health and he’ll drop a piece of chipped armor.

Unlocking the Hunt

Once you have the piece of chipped armor you will then return to the Huntmaster to complete the quest. After turning it in, make sure you talk to the Huntmaster again to get the quest “The Lair of the Whisperer“.

This will send you to an Echo Matrix to craft the Gloomtrace for Ryv’n the Devourer. To craft the Gloomtrace you will need 2 Glimmering Verdant Spectras, 5 Alloyed Spectras, and some gold. Once crafted you’ll then be able to access the Ryv’n the Devourer Hunt from the Gloomsphere in Skylight.

You can find a complete guide to defeat the boss by visiting our Ryv’n Hunt Guide.