Kolaar the Beastmaster can be found in Reaver Woods in the Bone Orchard. The recommended power rating for this boss is 2,117 with a recommended group size of 2.

In the time before the corruption, Kolaar the Beastmaster honored the ancient powers. The feral warrior trained both Aturach and his Warbear, and now, is second only to the Reaver King himself. It is time he was put down. At any cost.

This Wayfinder boss guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this encounter.

kolaar the beastmaster wayfinder



When you first enter the arena you will encounter the Beastmaster and one of his pets. He has 3 different pets that he can summon into the arena:

  • Rotbeak
    • Frost Path: Rotbeak will fly quickly in a straight line spinning motion leaving a path of frost in his wake. This will slow anyone caught in the path.
  • Duskhunter:
    • Claw Swipe: Duskhunter will lunge at you swiping his claw. This will deal damage to anyone hit by the claw.
  • Warbear:
    • Ground Stomp: Will perform a large AoE ground stomp. Getting caught in the AoE will damage and slow you.
    • Roar: Lets out a roar that will damage anyone in it’s path. The roar is a visible red line shooting out from the Warbear’s mouth.

This encounter is fairly straight forward. There’s only a few abilities to be aware of outside of the pet abilities listed above.

  • Claw Swipe: He will swipe one of his claws from left to right or from right to left in front of him.
  • Claw Swipe Combo: The boss will raise his hands into the air and then perform a melee combo attack with his claws. This attack is performed in front of the boss, and he will move forward while performing the ability.
  • Uppercut: He will perform a melee uppercut with one of his claws.
  • Summon Beast: The Beastmaster will stand still and perform a quick summon. While he is channeling the summon a AoE circle will appear around him, damaging anyone caught in the circle. At the end of the channel one of the three beasts will be summoned into the arena.
  • Leap: He will leap into the air at your target location and slam onto the ground when he lands. This will damage to anyone caught in the landing area.

Fight Walkthrough

The Beastmaster fight is fairly straightforward. When you enter the arena he could have any of the three beasts spawned in with him. Just be aware of the mechanics that are listed above.

Rotbeak is pretty squishy and can be taken out fairly quickly. Duskhunter only performs melee attacks so just be aware of the animations and dodge the attacks. Warbear’s AoE is the biggest thing to be aware of from the pets. When he raises up to stomp just make sure you dodge out of the affected area.

If you don’t kill his pet he can summon another one into the area. Therefore, to avoid dealing with multiple pets make sure you focus the pet down first and then DPS the boss in between him summoning another pet into the battlefield.

The Beastmaster’s abilities are mostly melee, and the AoE abilities are telegraphed pretty well. Once he starts into the claw swipe combo simply make sure you dodge away from him or get behind him. His momentum will carry him through the attack which makes him very vulnerable from behind. This will also allow you to get free damage on a pet while he is performing that attack.

Take out the pet, DPS the boss, dodge the AoE’s, rinse and repeat until dead.