Welcome to our Kyros Epitaph Wayfinder Build. Learn how to deal massive damage at range with Kyros and his signature Weapon.

Weapon – Epitaph

Epitaph is Kyros’ Signature weapon, allowing him to siphon Ability Power from enemies to open up burst windows to deal massive amounts of damage with Savage Rake. This plays well into Kyros’ Passive ability Arcane Fragments, which allows players to Generate Arcane Fragments that grant MORE casts of Savage Rake.

Skill Progression

Below is the Progress in which to apply your Skill points as you level up. We aim to prioritize damage with Savage Rake while building Arcane Fragments as fast as possible. to maximize DPS.

  • Savage Rake 1
  • Savage Rake 2
  • Siphon Radiant 1
  • Siphon Radiant 2
  • Siphon Radiant 3
  • Savage Rake 3
  • Shockwave 1

Attribute Priority

  • Ability Power > Crit Rating = Crit Power > Break Power



For more information on the Wayfinder Affinity system please reference our Affinity Guide.



For more information on Echoes, please reference our Echoes Guide.

Weapon Mastery


When determining the best path for Weapon Master, please reference our Weapon Mastery Guide.

How to Play the Kyros Epitaph Build

This build aims to stack Arcane Fragments with Siphon Radiant and Combo finishers to unleash multiple Savage Rakes on our enemies. When available, utilize Epitaph’s Weapon ability, Arcane Harvest, to boost our Ability Power and deal even more damage with max stacks of Savage Rakes.

Arcane Fragment Management

The key to playing Kyros well is managing your Arcane Fragments as you prepare for your burst window with Arcane Harvest. Cast Siphon Radiant on cooldown while using Savage Rakes as you get close to max stacks of Arcane Fragments. Once Arcane Harvest is available on Epitaph, hit as many enemies as possible with it, then unload all of your Savage Rakes on your enemy(s).


That concludes our Kyros Epitaph Build. For more Wayfinder guides, be sure to check out our Wayfinder Homepage.