There are some major changes coming to Wayfinder and they will be here when early access hits. After the last global beta, Airship Syndicate has taken a ton of player feedback and they are incorporating that feedback into the game. There are changes coming for combat, progression, echoes, social systems and more.

Combat Changes Coming to Wayfinder

You can expect adjustments coming in for combat movement, targeting, and defensive maneuvers.

Combat Movement

During the beta tests you would often time slide too far flying past enemies. Therefore, forward movement is being disabled if the target is in active hit range. This is being done in order to avoid the issue of sliding past the enemy that you’re wanting to hit.


There are some other changes coming to Wayfinder in the form of combat targeting. During the beta there were issues with landing attacks on intended targets. You would unintentionally switch targets and it would throw the flow of combat off.

Due to this there are changes coming in that will allow players to stick to their desired targets more consistently. Along with this change there are lock-on camera improvements that you can expect to see during the Wayfinder early access.

There was also a bug in the beta that would allow you to target dead enemies. This was not intentional and also been fixed.

Wayfinder changes

Defensive Maneuvers

Previously, players could only parry, block and dodge at specific frames during melee attacks. Significant improvements have been made to the interrupt windows in order to improve flexibility and responsiveness.

There is also work being done in order to standardize the attack warning to make it easier to time interrupts across all enemy types. During the beta players could only parry, block, and dodge at specific frames during melee attacks. That’s being improved so that players can parry, block, and dodge at any frame during melee combat.

Changes Coming to Wayfinder Progression

Players are now going to be able to pick and choose the order of their abilities to unlock. Previously abilities unlocked in a linear fashion.

There’s also some new goals for long term progression for players to work towards. The developer’s stated the following in regards to long term progression:

“We don’t want you to feel like you’re missing out when not playing your “main” character or favorite weapon, so we’re folding in some of our planned systems for character progression and implementing them on an account level. This means more meaningful long term progression beyond small stat boosts into full blown abilities and power-ups you can earn at the account level via “Archetype” and “Armory” level progression systems. We’ll have more on this later!”


The echo system is also going to be simplified moving forward. They will now be organized into clear categories such as attack, defense, etc. There’s also a broader range of echoes being introduced in order to allow for more diverse builds.

Social Changes

There’s a series of quality of life improvements being implemented that will improve the entire chat system in Wayfinder. You will now be placed in region chat by default. There will also now be localized chats implemented so that you can chat with other players that speak your desired language. Spam detection has also been improved, and you’ll now be able to resize the chat menu.

Along with the chat changes you will now be able to run expeditions as a duo group.