Recently on the Wayfinder official Discord, Community Manager, Sir_Snarf posted an update regarding the recently announced battlepass.

The following information was given:

The battlepass name is a placeholder name just so people have an idea of what it is. The final name is in the works, but will likely reflect more of the adventure elements of how they plan on having players interact with it.

There are free nodes and unlocks throughout the tower levels and you will get to back track to unlock paid tiers if you decide to purchase the season pass later on in the season.

You will NOT be able to buy an earlier season pass after the season expires. But, if you did purchase it when it was available it will never expire. You will be able to explore / progress it at your leisure at any point into the future.

The number of nodes per battlepass is likely to fluctuate based on the theme of each season. However, you can expect roughly 100 nodes to progress within each Wayfinder battlepass.

When founder pack details are released there will be much more information shared on the granular specifics of how battle passes work, the price point, and more.

You can expect to have only one main entrance and exit for the first battlepass, but this will not necessarily be the case for all passes in the future.

You may very well be able to experience multiple exits within the battle pass as it continues to evolve. There may also be more advanced secrets to discover while exploring it. The goal is to make it feel like its own unique light weight adventure.

wayfinder battlepass
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