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Niss Guide

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Niss is kin to the shadows, and darkness serves as her weapon and her cloak. She is one of the Deep Eldren, an ancient people who now serve the malevolent Precursors. When Niss and her clan challenged the Precursors, her family was wiped out and Niss escaped into exile. Deadly and swift, Niss cares little for humanity. But she has sworn to destroy the Precursors, and the Seekers can help her take her revenge.

In our Niss Guide, we’ll walk you through his Abilities, Signature Weapon, and Back Story.

Niss Abilities

Niss is a rogue-like character that uses the shadows to deal damage to unexpecting victims. She has 4 abilities that are centered around Mobility and Dealing Damage. Niss is one of the more difficult Wayfinders to play but can deal massive amounts of damage. Below are her abilities:

Shadow Step

Dash in a line, dealing damage. After a short delay a Gloom clone will dash from your initial position to you, dealing damage to enemies.

Umbral Aura

Niss is empowered by Umbral magic, causing her next three dodges to pierce a nearby enemy with shadow.

Vengeful Shade

Briefly become immune to attacks and damage enemies in front of Niss.

Gloom Shadow

For the next few seconds, Shadow Step can be used at no cost.

Signature Weapon

Night’s Edge

The ancestral blades of the Duskal Eldren. The spirits of the fallen Duskal are bound to these daggers, and strike out at the enemies of a worthy wielder.

Weapon Ability – Dagger Fall

Forms multiple magical daggers that float around the player and fire towards enemies as attacks when enemies come within range.

Niss Starting Attributes

Max HealthAttack PowerAbility PowerCrit RatingCrit PowerBreak PowerPhysical DefenseMagical DefenseResilience

Backstory / Lore

This information is from the Wayfinders Official Site:

The Eldren are the first children of the broken world, formed from the blood of Infinites spilled in the Aegis War. There are Eldren of the woods and water, but Niss is one of the Deep Eldren, born in an abyss of stone and soil untouched by the sun. Her people shape shadows like clay; Niss mastered the shadow-dance as a child, learning to sculpt shielding shrouds and deadly blades from insubstantial darkness. For all their many gifts, the Eldren are a dying people, whose essence fades with each generation. When the ancient Mother of Shadows came to them, promising renewed strength in exchange for absolute loyalty, most swore themselves to her service. When Niss and her clan refused to bow to the Precursors, most were slain; Niss escaped into exile. She has sworn to destroy the immortal beings who have corrupted her people, whatever the cost.

Niss is a grim and deadly warrior, a silent assassin who strikes from the shadows. But as an echo returned from the Gloom, there’s much she cannot remember. She knows she endured countless hardships in her time of exile, but the details escape her. She remembers challenging the Mother of Shadows, but not how she survived. But these memories may yet return to her…

Niss Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Niss Wayfinder Guide! For more information on Wayfinder, make sure to check out our Wayfinders Guide.

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