Welcome to our Wayfiner Ryv’n Hunt Guide. Here, you’ll learn how to Best Ryv’n, his Horde of Wretches and Heralds, and what you’ll earn for doing so.


In order to access the Ryv’n hunt you must first find the boss and complete a series of quests. You can find that information by checking out our “How to Find Ryv’n” guide.

Ryv’n Drops

Ryv’n Walkthrough

  • Slash – Ryv’n slashes forward in a frontal attack
  • Blink – Ryv’n blinks to a new location in the arena
  • The Hord of Ryv’n – Ryvn teleports out of the arena and summons Wretches and Heralds who must be cleared to continue the fight.

The Ryv’n Hunt consists of 2 main phases when Ryvn is in the arena, and when he teleports away, summoning The Horde of Ryv’n.

As you enter the Hunt, Ryv’n will be waiting in the center of the arena. Ryv’n will use Slash and Blink throughout the fight so make sure to position yourself to his side or flank if possible. Once you damage him enough, he will teleport away and summon The Horde of Ryv’n. Clear all the Wretches and Heralds that spawn, and then Ryv’n will return.

Be careful, as the Wretches and Herald explode on death.

This will happen several times during the fight. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll have your loot from Ryv’n in no time!


That completes our Ryv’n Hunt Guide. For a guide on the next Hunt, you’ll encounter in Wayfinder, check out our “The First” guide.