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In this Senja guide you’ll learn about the character’s abilities, signature weapon, and more.

Senja, nicknamed The Champion, can be thought of like your typical bruiser arch type in an MMO. She specializes in close combat and utilizes her storm to drag enemies close to her or to deal damage. Senja has the ability to tank and deal quite a lot of damage.

She can also utilize her unique mechanic called Crowd’s Favor to increase her damage output and defense.

Senja Wayfinder

Senja Abilities

Senja has four different abilities, and they revolve around a mechanic called Crowd’s Favor. You can utilize her abilities to fill her favor pool. The pool is segmented into multiple bars. As the favor pool builds up she gains additional ability power and defense.

Management of the favor bar can be spent and filled with abilities. This can be thought of like the commonly known rage mechanic in other MMO’s.

Gladiator Pummel

Gladiator Pummel Senja

Senja will punch forward, then hold to Showboat. On release Senja punches again and buffs her next Weapon Attack. Fully Showboating increases the damage of the followup punch.

Gain Favor

Gain Favor Senja

You can hold the ability to Showboat for the roaring crowd filling your Favor. On release, taunts nearby enemies while buffing Senja and her allies.

Lightning Grasp

Lightning Grasp Senja

Senja will use lightning to pull all displaceable enemies towards her in a large area.

Grand Finale

Grand Finale Senja

In the form of a lightning spear, Senja charges to smash an enemy, dealing massive damage to them and fully filling the Crowd’s Favor.

Key Passive

Crowd FavoriteSenja‘s abilities will generate her passive. This is a tiered bar which increases damage output and reduces damage taken as you reach each tier. The goal

Signature Weapon

Each character in Wayfinder has a signature weapon. However, any character can use any weapon type, or other’s signature weapon, in the game. There are trade offs to these decisions.

Senja‘s signature weapon is a sword called Colossus, and the sword’s ability is called Gladiator Slice. When activated it will perform a quick melee attack that buffs the next ability. Using Gladiator Slice again will perform an empowered Gladiator Slice that will deal additional damage up to two times.

For more information on Senja‘s signature build with this weapon please refer to our Senja Colossus Build.

Sejna Starting Attributes

Max HealthAttack PowerAbility PowerCrit RatingCrit PowerBreak PowerPhysical DefenseMagical DefenseResilience

Suggested Skill Progression

The objective is to maximize our Crowd Favorite passive generation in order to have the most damage output and reduction possible. (Suggested skills are subject to change).

  • Gladiator Pummel 1
  • Gladiator Pummel 2
  • Gain Favor 1
  • Gain Favor 2
  • Gladiator Pummel 3
  • Gain Favor 3
  • Grand Finale 1

Rotation/Ability Priorities

  • Build Crowd Favorite before starting a fight by preemptively using Gain Favor. This will also buff you and your allies.
  • Open with Gladiator Pummel to continue building Crowd Favorite.
  • Weave a light attack into a heavy attack combo and follow this with another Gladiator Pummel.
  • Maintain maximum Crowd Favorite by using Gain Favor whenever available, and only use Gladiator Pummel if you have 3 charges available. Use Weapon Ability if available.
  • Allow your Crowd Favorite to fall to one bar, or completely empty, and use Grand Finale. This will completely fill your bar.
  • Maintain maximum Crowd Favorite by using Gain Favor and any available charges of Gladiator Pummel.
  • Weave in Weapon Abilities whenever you have high stacks of Crowd Favorite and have maximum damage potential.
  • Fill all down time with light and heavy attack weaving.

Gameplay Tips

  • Never allow Gladiator Pummel to sit at 3 charges. This is a waste of your cooldown. If you do not have a charge on cooldown at all times you are losing potential burst window opportunities. It is better to use a charge and let a cooldown begin than not use it at all.
  • Lightning Grasp will generally be used situationally. You can use it to group up enemies to stack AOE damage, but it can also be a valuable source of potential ranged damage. This can be used to poke enemies who are at a distance.
  • Make use of Senja’s passive attack weaving. This allows you to combo light/heavy attacks into one another as long as you alternate. It can be an incredible DPS boost if chained properly.
  • Gain Favor is a great buff to you and your allies, but also a potent Crowd Favorite generator. Always pre-cast this ability before a fight or in quick windows of downtime to maintain your passive. Remember, this can also be used to distract enemies from hitting more squishy allies.

Endgame Builds

To determine your best setup for Echoes, Affinity, and Weapon Mastery, check out these builds while progressing Endgame content! (MORE COMING SOON)

Backstory / Lore

The following information for this Silo guide was retrieved directly from the official website:

Senja is a legend across the Avar Imperium, the greatest champion ever to grace the arena. Where many gladiators face death with grim resolve, Senja delights in every battle. Even now, Senja still hears the crowds when she fights, still imagines the cheering throngs urging her on. In truth, she loves battle because it is a distraction from her pain. Senja comes from the Dominion of the Seven Winds, a place where arcane magic is woven into everyday life, where arcanists and warmasters alike wield power over the elements; while she is far from home, the storm still answers her call. She is the last of the Iron Sisters, a proud order of deadly warriors.

She doesn’t talk about what happened to her sisters, but there is no question that their loss is a knife in her heart—that whatever happened in the Dominion drove Senja to the other side of the world and into the endless distraction of the arena. Now that the Gloom has swallowed the arena, Senja needs a new battle to distract her from her pain, and the Gloom is the greatest enemy of all.

Senja is a fearless warrior and an indomitable foe. But as an echo returned from the Gloom, there’s much she can’t remember. She remembers fighting alongside the Iron Sisters, but she cannot remember exactly how they fell. She remembers countless battles in the arena, but she knows she can’t remember every enemy she faced. Could forgotten enemies come back to haunt her?