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In this Silo guide you’ll learn about the character’s abilities, signature weapon, and more.

In Wayfinder Silo, nicknamed the Tactician, is a fairly well rounded character. He can switch easily between melee and ranged combat, and his kit consists of area of effect damage, damage over time, and crowd control abilities. Some of his abilities can be chained together for even more deadly effects.

In Wayfinder Silo takes on more of a support / control role than a DPS role even though he an attack at ranged. He has the ability to control the fight with his taunts and other crowd control abilities, while applying constant damage over time to his targets.

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Silo Abilities

Silo has four different abilities. His first two abilities, fire bomb and oil bomb, synergize together. Oil bomb will slow the enemies caught within, and the follow up fire bomb will ignite the oil causing a chain reaction.

Silo excels at controlling the battlefield, and his 4 abilities are as follows:

Fire Bomb

Silo tosses a Fire Bomb that ignites enemies, dealing damage over time. This ability causes a chain reaction with Oil Bomb.

Oil Bomb

This ability leaves a pool of Oil in front of Silo, slowing enemies and causing them to take additional damage.

Radiant Clone

Silo will dash backwards, leaving behind a Radiant Clone. It will taunt nearby enemies into attacking it until it expires or is destroyed.

ARC Nemesis

Silo sends EGG out to shock all enemies in the area for a short time, slowing them and dealing damage over time.

Key Passive

Strategic Advantage – When either Silo or his allies apply a debuff to a target it will increase his DPS. Many of Silo‘s abilities will apply a debuff, but it will be important to be cognizant of your cooldowns so that you can maximize uptime.

Signature Weapon

Each character in Wayfinder has a signature weapon. However, any character can use any weapon type, or other’s signature weapon, in the game. There are trade offs to these decisions.

Silo‘s signature weapon is a rifle called Longshot. Longshot‘s ability is called Deadeye. When activated there will be 3 deadeye weak spots that appear on every enemy in range. If you’re able to land your shots on the weak spots you’ll deal high damage and guaranteed critical hits.

For more information on Silo‘s signature build with this weapon please refer to our Silo Longshot Build.

Silo Longshot Wayfinder

Silo Starting Attributes

Max HealthAttack PowerAbility PowerCrit RatingCrit PowerBreak PowerPhysical DefenseMagical DefenseResilience

Suggested Skill Progression

General Build

  • Fire Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 2
  • Oil Bomb 3
  • Proto-Clone 1
  • Proto-Clone 2
  • Arc Nemesis 1

*Note: It will most likely be worthwhile to take Fire Bomb 2 and Fire Bomb 3 if the break damage is not needed from Proto-Clone 2. It is never worthwhile to take just Proto-Clone 1. Alternatively, you can just take Arc Nemesis 2 and Arc Nemesis 3.

Proto-Clone Damage/Utility Build

  • Oil Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 2
  • Oil Bomb 3
  • Proto-Clone 1
  • Proto-Clone 2
  • Proto-Clone 3
  • Arc Nemesis 1

Fire Bomb Damage Build

  • Fire Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 1
  • Oil Bomb 2
  • Oil Bomb 3
  • Fire Bomb 2
  • Fire Bomb 3
  • Arc Nemesis 1

Rotation/Ability Priorities

  • Open with Oil Bomb to apply a debuff and increase critical hit chance.
  • Use Fire Bomb to burst the oil and apply a DOT. (Never hold this ability at 2 charges, always have one on cooldown. Focus on high DOT uptime).
  • Use Weapon Ability if available.
  • Arc Nemesis for burst damage.
  • Proto-Clone (If you have Rank 3) otherwise use for Part Break (If you have Rank 2)
  • Fill all down time with basic attacks and take advantage of Eagle Eye procs if available.


You will need to focus on kiting enemies and grouping them together. Once grouped, you will prioritize the following:

  • Use Proto-Clone to group enemies.
  • Open with Oil Bomb to apply a debuff, increase critical hit chance, and CC targets.
  • Use Fire Bomb on enemies hit by Oil Bomb to create AOE explosion and apply DOT. If enemies will die, use another Fire Bomb, otherwise stagger your DOT’s.
  • Use Arc Nemesis on stacked targets. This will also apply a slow.
  • Detonate Proto-Clone if available.

Gameplay Tips

  • Never allow Fire Bomb to sit at 3 charges. This is a waste of your cooldown. If you do not have a charge on cooldown at all times you are losing potential DPS. It is better to use a charge and let a cooldown begin than not use it at all.
  • Proto-Clone has subtle mobility that you can use to dodge attacks. This is also an incredible utility ability. It can be used offensively to easily group up enemies or it can be used defensively to take aggro and peel for you.
  • Make use of Silo‘s Bomb combo by hitting enemies who are affected by Oil Bomb with Fire Bomb.
  • Be sure to Active Reload. This will increase your overall DPS.

Endgame Builds

To determine your best setup for Echoes, Affinity, and Weapon Mastery, check out these builds while progressing Endgame content! (MORE COMING SOON)

Backstory / Lore

The following information for this Silo guide was retrieved directly from the official website:

Before the Gloomfall, the Shrike Syndicate was a network of smugglers and mercenaries who played both sides in the endless conflict between the Avar Imperium and the Maze. While many saw the Shrikes as criminals, they lived by a code. Silo was born Silas Vex; the Vex’s were the leaders of the Syndicate, and made sure that the Shrikes served the common people of the Westreach. He was an exceptional Shrike—an excellent marksman with a knack for designing explosives and arcane gadgets—but he always felt the shadow of his parents, the expectation that he would eventually assume the mantle of leadership.

Silo is a clever scoundrel, equally quick with a quip and a blade. He remembers grand heists and feasts with the people of the Westreach. But as an echo returned from the Gloom, his memories are incomplete. Silo doesn’t remember what happened to his parents, or how he came to be in Skylight when the Gloomfall struck. In this broken world, the Shrikes have become a menace. What has Silo forgotten?

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