The Bloodspawn is a Wayfinder boss that can be found in the Mines at the Pit. This is first hunt that can be accessed from the Mines. The recommended power rating for this boss is 507 with a recommended party size of 2.

It is said the godsblood is a fuel so potent, even brief exposure can drive a person into a trance of hallucinations. Twisted by the effects of the Gloom, something has awoken within the swells of arcanic fuel seeping through these walls.

This boss guide will walk you through everything need to know about this encounter.

The Bloodspawn Drops

Below are the available Boss Drops:

There are several other possible drops that are random each time you kill the boss. You can check our database for the full list of possible drops (Coming soon!).

The Bloodspawn Walkthrough

The Bloodspawn is a massive blob that has several abilities that you need to be aware of:

  • Slam – The Bloodspawn will jump into the air and slam back down. If you’re caught in the radius of the slam (indicated by a red circle on the ground) you will take damage and be staggered. The slam often happens consecutive times.
  • Chomp – The boss will chomp you if you’re in front within melee range. This will deal a decent amount of damage.
  • Explosive Ichorlings – After phase one the boss will spawn in some explosive ichorling ads. They will roll towards a target and explode after a short duration once they reach that target.
the bloodspawn

Phase 1

During phase one there are only two mechanics, the slam and the chomp. Just avoid these mechanics and deplete the bosses health bar to move on to phase 2. Once you deplete the health bar the boss will turn into a puddle of goo and spawn 3 spawnlings around him. You will need to try to kill the spawnlings before they make it back to the boss. If the spawnlings reach the boss then the Bloodspawn will regain health and you’ll begin phase 2.

Phase 2

Once the boss revives he will spawn quite a few explosive ichorlings in the arena. These ichorlings will make their way to a specific target and then explode. There is a short duration before the explosion so you will have to get out of the explosion radius. You can kill the ichorlings fairly quickly to avoid the explosion before they make their way to you. Be careful not to draw to many of them to you at once or you will be caught in multiple explosions and could potentially take quite a lot of damage.

During this phase the boss will also be performing both the ground slam and chomp attacks. Be aware of them and your surroundings with all the ichorlings. Once you deplete the bosses health the remaining spawlings will spawn around the boss. If you defeat all the spawnlings you will win the fight. If the spawnlings reach the boss then you will repeat phase two. This keeps happening until you are able to kill all of the spawnlings and win.