The First is the final Hunt in Wayfinder’s Repository Zone. Learn how to defeat this boss and what you’ll earn in our The First Guide.


The First Drops

The First Boss Walkthrough

This Fight is broken down into 2 Phases. Below are lists of unique abilities in each phase to note.

Phase 1

  • Gloombolt – cast a Bolt of Gloom at players
  • Gloomblink – The First casts a Gloom Nova around her then Blinks away
  • Eyes of the First – The First Summons to eyes in the middle of the Arena that seek players in the Area
  • Gloomwave – The First goes to the center of the Arena and Shoots a beam to the middle of the ground, creating four waves that Spin around the arena.
  • Orbital Destruction – Orbs surround the Arena and summon Area of Effects around the outer edge of the Arena.

Once players enter Arena, The First will spawn and start using Gloombolt and Gloomblink. These abilities are well-telegraphed and should be easy to dodge for players. Players will need to keep their eyes open for Eyes of the First. Small Gloom orbs will spawn in the sky. Players will need to keep moving or dodge to avoid damage from these beams. After a while, The First will go to the middle of the Arena and summon a beam toward the ground. This will start Gloomwave and create 4 waves that circle around the arena first in a Clockwise and then Counter Clockwise rotation. Stay in between the wave in move in the same direction as the wave to avoid damage.

At Around 50% Health, The First will cast Orbital Destruction and send Players down to Phase 2. Stay in the middle of the Arena to Avoid damage.

Phase 2

  • Gloom Maze
  • Arcane Cleave – Several small blue Orbs are Summoned, then projected out in a Cone AOE

Once the First destroys the first Arena, players will fall onto a grid of Squares. The First Will Continue to cast Gloombolt and now Arcane Cleave at players until she starts her main mechanic of phase 2, Gloom Maze. A path of squares will start to glow on the ground, while the ones around them will start to disappear. Players need to jump on a glowing square and quickly locate The First in the Sky. Once you do, quickly move toward the right or left edge of the Gloom maze.

The first will then Spawn in Vertical Squares that players must dodge while remaining on the Gloom Maze Platforms. Once this phase ends, players will need to continue to damage The First until another Gloom Maze Occurs.

The Second Gloom Maze will start in the same way, but directly after The FIrst will teleport to a new location. Players will quickly locate the boss and an area that is wide enough to dodge back in forth. The challenging part is to make sure you don’t get trapped in a one-square-wide area of the Maze.

Once Gloom Maze ends, DPS the boss down and ends the fight.


That completes our The First Wayfinder boss guide. For the next boss you’ll encounter, check out our Bloodspawn guide.