The Trial of the Lingering Light can be found in Aurelian in the Scholar’s Corridor. The recommended power rating for this boss is 655 with a recommended group size of 2.

Trial of Lingering Light

Trial of the Lingering Light Drops

Below are the available Boss Drops:

There are several other possible drops that are random each time you kill the boss. You can check our database for the full list of possible drops (Coming soon!).

Trial of the Lingering Light Walkthrough

Upon entering the arena you will notice 4 statues. Each statue represents one of the bosses you will be facing during this trial. In order to begin the trial you will need to interact with the orb in the center of the arena.

Once you interact with the orb you will be met with a couple of codex monks. These monks do not have any mechanics to speak of an can be easily taken out. Just watch for their AoE abilities. They are denoted by a red circle on the ground and are fairly easy to navigate away from.

Once you take out the first set of monks, three more will spawn. Then, 4 more will spawn after that. These monks are the same as the first 2 you faced.

After you have survived the waves of monks the veils around the statues will begin to drop.

Codex Sage

Your first encounter will be against a Codex Sage. The sage is very squishy and fairly easy to defeat. However, you should be aware of the orbs that he will cast. He will summon what looks like a diamond shape energy shield in front of him. Shortly after several orbs will shoot out in a cone. Make sure to avoid these and you can quickly take out the sage.

Rivenmaw & Storied Sage

The next phase will spawn in a Storied Sage and a bear named Rivenmaw. The Storied sage has a few abilities to be aware of:

  • Orb Summons – The same orb summon ability as the Codex Sage from the previous phase
  • Energy Blast – He targets the ground in several locations and those locations erupt with energy dealing damage if you’re caught in them.

Rivenmaw has a few abilities to be aware of:

  • Ground Stomp – He will rise up on his back legs and slam his front two legs on the ground. This ability deals damage to anyone caught in the AoE circle.
  • Swipe – The boss will quickly swipe his paw in front of him dealing damage to anyone hit.

For this fight just make sure you are aware of the AoE’s that will fill the ground. Save your dodges to avoid getting hit by them. Rivenmaw only performs attacks that will hit you within melee range. However, the sage does have ranged attacks. Neither of these bosses are overly tanky so you will be able to take them out fairly quickly.

Arclight Windhowler & Storied Monk

The final phase includes a Storied Monk and a the Arclight Windhowler boss. The Storied Monk is a slightly stronger version than the 2 previous sages. He has a few abilities to be aware of:

  • Energy Slam – He will slam his hands on the ground causing a large AoE of energy. This AoE circle is very big. Make sure you save your dodges and use them appropriately.
  • Healing Pulse – The Monk will meditate, healing himself and sending out a pulse of AoE damage around him.

Arclight Windhowler has few abilities to be aware of:

  • Energy Trail – The boss fly quickly in a straight line. This will leave a trail of fire behind the boss, and energy waves will shoot out on either side of him as he flies.
  • Wing Swipe – A melee attack with his wing, dealing damage.

In order to make quick work of this fight take out Arclight Windhowler first. The Storied Monk is quite slow, and his abilities are fairly stationary. This gives you an opportunity to take out Arclight without having to worry about the monk too much. Arclight is fairly squishy so you can make quick work of him. Just be on the lookout for the Energy Trail ability and stay away from the boss when he performs it.

Once Arclight is dead you can then shift your focus the Monk in order to complete the Trial.