Welcome to our Wayfinder Venomess Guide. Venomess is a hybrid Healer/DPS class and the 6th Announced Wayfinder that will be available to play during Early Access in the Summer of 2023. Learn everything you need to know about the 6th revealed Wayfinder, the poison-wielding Assassin, Venomess

Unlocking Venomess

Players can earn Venomess crafting components in the Season 1 Reward Tower with the Base Pack or Initiate Pack, or gain instant access to both her and her signature weapon Nightshade, plus a bonus season-exclusive Style with the Awakened Pack or Exalted Pack!

Venomess Abilities


Shoot a volley of poison needles that lock onto nearby enemies, dealing damage. Hitting an enemy with a needle causes a healing projectile to seek a nearby Wayfinder. These projectiles heal over time based on the number of stacks of Venom on the source enemy.

  • Level 1 – Increases damage by 15%
  • Level 2 – Increases healing by 15%
  • Level 3 – Fires an additional 2 homing needles


Launch a bomb that absorbs up to 5 nearby Poison Clouds. After a brief delay, the bomb explodes, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies based on the number of Poison Clouds absorbed.

  • Level 1 – Increases Healing by 15%
  • Level 2 – When converting a cloud, causes the cloud to erupt, dealing direct damage before disappearing
  • Level 3 – Players are healed over time based on the number of clouds converted


Dash in a direction, leaving a trail of Poison Clouds behind you. Poison Clouds damage and apply stacks of Venom to enemies.

  • Level 1 – Spawns an additional Venom Cloud
  • Level 2 – Reduces damage taken by 50% for 3 seconds.
  • Level 3 – Dashing Through an enemy slows them by 30%


Fire a massive explosion that damages and applies 5 stacks of Empowered Venom to enemies. Empowered Venom deals damage over time and counts as additional stacks of Venom for the Master of Venoms and Transfusion abilities.

  • Level 1 – Increases Damage by 10%
  • Level 2 – Alliest in the area of the explosion are healed over time
  • Level 3 – Ultimate builds 10% Faster

Venomess Passive Ability

Signature Weapon: Nightshade

Nightshade is Venomess’ Signature Weapon. NIghtshade is a Burst Rifle that can be switched to Automatic firing with the Weapon ability, Wyvern’s Fury.

Weapon Ability – Wyvern’s Fury

Nightshades Weapon Ability loads the weapon with an empowered clip that allows Nightshade to fire poison-infused rounds automatically. Poison deals a small amount of damage over time for 6 seconds and can stack up to 20 times.

Suggested Skill Progression

Skill Progression

Below is the Progress in which to apply your Skill points as you level up. Our effort is to prioritize increased healing while also picking up the Healing-over-time effects on our skills as soon as possible. Next, we’ll pick up the enhancements to our main healing abilities. Below is the Skill Progression for Venomess

  • Vampiric Blast 1
  • Venom Thrusters 1
  • Vampiric Blast 2
  • Vampiric Blast 3
  • Transfusion 1
  • Transfusion 2
  • Venom Thrusters 2

Attribute Priority

Since Venomess is a Support Player who uses her abilities to heal, we want to stack as much Ability Power as possible. Below is the Attribute priority for Venomess as you level and gain access to your Affinities, Echoes, Accessories, and More!

  • Ability Power > Attack Power > Mag Defense = Phys Defense = Resilience > Max Health

End Game Builds

To determine your best setup for Echoes, Affinity, and Weapon Mastery, check out these builds while progressing Endgame content! (MORE COMING SOON)

Game Play Tips

To best utilize Venomess as a Wayfinder, you must first understand the synergy of her abilities. First, our priority in groups is to keep everyone’s health bars full while dealing damage with our Damage over time. The main way we’ll do this is using Transfusion on cooldown while stacking poison clouds with Venom Thrusters and our Passive, Master of Venoms. When group members get low, we call them to our Venom Clouds and drop Vampiric Blast to Burst heal allies.

Venomess Back Story/Lore

Finally, Let’s take a look at Venomess’ back story. This information comes directly from the Wayfinders Official Site

Before the Fall, the name Venomess was feared among the Imperial ranks. Those unfortunate enough to have put the face to the name seldom survived. Venomess is a spy and assassin from a nation of monsters, born of cold and poisonous blood. In her time, she’s broken into so-called impenetrable vaults, stolen secrets from the Avar Throne itself, and brought down more Archon Commanders and master spellsmiths with her toxins than entire regiments by comparison. Ven was born in the Maze. Her closest friends are goblins and battle-beasts, and though she looks human, appearances, like most things when it comes to Ven, can be deceiving. A brilliant alchemist and inventor, Venomess has always preferred stalking prey in the shadows to mixing salves in a workshop. Most of all, Ven craves a challenge—and the Gloom is the greatest challenge of all.

Vemomess believes the Avar Imperium was an oppressive, warmongering regime and devoted her life to toppling it. Now the Empire has finally fallen, consumed by the Gloom… But all she hoped to protect in the Maze has also been lost. Ven may not care for Wingrave or the other Imperial soldiers among the Seekers, but she recognizes that her cold war is over. In the wake of the Gloomfall, survival is the only thing that matters—and Venomess intends to survive. No matter the cost.


In the reveal trailer. Venomess has a Holographic sidekick named Tox. The Tox Hologram can be summoned (and returned) from Venomess’ Bracer. Below is a screenshot from the trailer of the “goblin-like” Tox

Venomess Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Venmomess Guide. For more Wayfinder content, check out our Home Page