Welcome to our VenomessNightshade Build Guide. In this build, we pair Venomess with her signature weapon, Nightshade, to deal high amounts of Damage-over-time while providing healing for ourselves and our group.

Weapon – Nightshade

As stated above, we will be using Venomess’ signature weapon Nightshade. Nightshade compliments Venomess Passive MASTER OF VENOMS by keeping damage on a target at all times.

This creates Venom clouds on cooldown which we’ll turn into healing for ourselves and our group.

Nightshades Weapon ability – Wyvern’s Fury – Turns Nightshade into an Automatic rifle, stacking massive amounts of Damage overtime on a target while also keeping up Master of Venoms.

Skill Progression

Below is the Progress in which to apply your Skill points as you level up. Our effort is to prioritize increased healing while also picking up the Healing-over-time effects on our skills as soon as possible. Next, we’ll pick up the enhancements to our main healing abilities. Below is the Skill Progression for Venomess

  • Venom Thrusters 1
  • Vampiric Blast 1
  • Transfusion 1
  • Transfusion 2
  • Transfusion 3
  • Vampiric Blast 2
  • Vampiric Blast 3

Attribute Priority

  • Ability Power > Max Health > Mag Defense = Phys Defense > Resilience


For this build, we will be focusing on Ability Power while stacking Resilience, Phys and Mag Defensive. Ability Power increases the effectiveness of our support skills and helps us deal more damage with our abilities and provide more healing for our group. STACK ABILITY POWER OVER ALL ATTRIBUTES. We will also be using Attack power to help increase or DPS and Damage over time from Nightshade


Defense is our second priority as Venomess can be played at range with high levels of mobility. Phys and Mag Defense help us remain in the fight and mitigate damage that can’t be avoided. We will also be looking for Resilience to ensure our Guard isn’t Broken. Being staggered means we can’t support the group. Max Health is our 6th attribute if no other options are available.


For this build, we will be assigning our Affinity Points to both Discipline and Instinct in the following manor:

  • Discipline: 15
  • Instinct: 10

Discipline adds a large amount of group healing with Explosive Vapors (15) and provides decent self-healing with Soothing Vapors (5).

Since we are using Nightshade, we will dump the rest of our Affinity into Instinct. The Instinct Affinity Perks aren’t great but Instinct scales our Ability damage from Nightshade and gives us more room to find good Ability Power Accessories.

For more information on the Wayfinder Affinity system please reference our Affinity Guide.



For more information on Echoes, please reference our Echoes Guide.

Weapon Mastery

For this build, we will be using the Bountiful Dodge Mastery. This allows us to reload Nightshade by dodging, adding 40% of ammo to the clip with each dodge. This is good for fights that require high amounts of mobility, or speed clearing expeditions.

In fights or instances that don’t require you to dodge much, you can also utilize the Sniper Mastery for some extra damage at range.

When determining the best path for Weapon Master, please reference our Weapon Mastery Guide.

How to Play the Venomess Nightshade Build


To best utilize Venomess as a Wayfinder, you must first understand the synergy of her abilities. First, our priority in groups is to keep everyone’s health bars full while dealing damage with our Damage over time. The main way we’ll do this is using Transfusion on cooldown while stacking poison clouds with Venom Thrusters and our Passive, Master of Venoms. When group members get low, we call them to our Venom Clouds and drop Vampiric Blast to Burst heal allies.


Our DPS is centered around Nightshades Weapon ability and our Ultimate Deep Breath. Deep Breath doubles are maxed stacks of Venom to 10 and allow us to create twice as many Venom Clouds with Master of Venoms. This, in turn, also increases the amount of healing we can output as well.


Venomess is one of Wayfinder’s most mobile heroes with Venom Thrusters. This coupled with Nightshade makes it easy to stay at range and support the group while dealing damage. Most damage should be avoidable with good dodging and mechanic awareness. For moments where damage is unavoidable, our Mag/Phys Defense stacking will help us stay alive, in time for our self-healing to fill our Health Bars back to full.


That concludes our Venomess Nightshade Build. For more on Venomess, be sure to check out our Venomess Beginner Guide.