Wayfinder AMA: Affinity Respec & Changes, Future Content, & More

by | Last updated Sep 2, 2023

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Recently, Airship Syndicate made a trip to PAX West. During the trip, they performed an “Airport AMA” in their official discord that answered a lot of questions that the community has been asking. They also addressed several known issues with Wayfinder that were on the top of players minds. Below is a recap of the Wayfinder AMA.

All of the quests asked were asked by the Wayfinder community, and the answers were given by [AS]SolidAge, [AS]Cam, and [AS]Sir_Snarf.

Wayfinder AMA

Full Wayfinder AMA

Primary Wayfinder AMA Questions

Will there be a reset when F2P starts


Will you change how we will “farm” Pyre in the future? Its kinda boring to hop from Server to Server to farm him

Yes we have plans for a Global timer with notifications

ETA on Affinity Respec? 😄 Now that the servers are a lot more stable, I’ve been loving the game! Keep it up!

Next Founder’s Season

What exactly changes loot wise when you change spheres?

Currently it multiplies the amount of resources dropped and level of accessories, it may have loot table implications in the future

Are mounts expected for season 2?


Are there any plans to change how reagants like trickster coins and archaic bones are farmed? I’m having fun grinding the bosses for the weapon parts, but these are a pain

Yes absolutely, event specific currencies will be much easier to acquire next season

How do you feel about how the imbuements work and what the community thinking about them? Any plans to change the environment behaving/ making it a little bit more melee friendly? (looking at you flora)

We do have plans do adjust single imbuement mutators due to feedback

Saw the new slides on the Roadmap. do we have an ETA for the Echoes v2? And is the Frostmarch Expansion related to the content Patch or different?

Both of those will most likely be coming with the Free to play launch

Will super jump/bunny hop get patched out? Its currently one of my favourite methods of travel and it would be a shame to see it go

It’s going to actually be implemented properly, the current version of it is leading to too many game breaking bugs

i know you guys said the affinity reset is going to be there for season 2 but the last missing point on affinity will it be in patch before season 2 ?

This is actually a bug, we’re going to fix this

Wait, are we meant to have 30 points? Or are people only getting 28?

You’re meant to be able to have two affinities at 15% bonuses and unlocking 4 perks total

What kind of EXP buff are going to be implemented to dungeons, in response to having slow/ leechy level progression right now?

To be CLEAR we fixed a bug. The scrolls will offset that and I’ll let Steve (game director) comment further

In the next patch, will you guys add more details to the patch notes so we are not surprised by shadow changes? be more transparent?

Yes! There are so many things changing and issues to address, I will personally make sure these improve every time

Other Wayfinder AMA Questions

When am I getting my Niss Persona? 😛

We def. Have one in the rotation, SOON?

Yooooo Alright, will there be other Prime-like variants outside of Heroic?

Currently no, heroics are it.

Weird question but are some of the idle animations from the game from warframe? I noticed venomesses idle stance looks a lot like mesas/saryn

No everything is custom to Wayfinder

Because of we started the game on August 26, we could not benefit from the compensation, and the server update was also published on August 26, it was very upsetting to miss this compensation with 1 day. Do we have a chance to benefit too? Should I open a ticket for this?

We announced the server fixes on the 24th, unfortunately anyone that played BEFORE then had a bad experience, things were solved and so that was the cut off for the compensation.

are there plans to add more traditional cgi cinematics? i love the ones already in game just wonder if epic moment will get cinematics


will heroics be sold or grind only?

Only Heroic Kyros will be purchased only. Future Heroics will be earnable

Any details you can share about the first content update?

Soon ™️

Will there be any frost/ice themed wayfinders in the near future?

Expect allllll sorts of wayfinders

Are there any plans for a fourth rarity of echo past epic, maybe legendary?

Probably, but not planned atm

Will player housing be extended to other functions beside decorating/showing off cool stuff/ artifacts?

Checkout the Roadmap here

could we eventually see dual Scythes?

dual something is coming

why cant we restart our account and start all over?

no more resets

How far do you all plan to take awakening? Can we expect awakening levels past 5 stars in the future? How much horizontal progression are you aiming for with awakening?

Yes, it will go further than 5 at some point in the future

I understand that you guys want Wayfinder to be a challenging game at times, but have you considered that the game becomes quite challenging too quickly for new players in fights such as The First or Dread Legion? Especially that you need to farm these bosses for quite sometime for crafting character/weapons, don’t you think this might serve as deterrent for the average players just starting out the game? Personally, I can solo these content, but I believe the harder content should be delayed more in order to draw in and keep the attention of newer players.

The goal is to have an entry level with the story first sphere and then offer a challenge to players with higher spheres and eventually heroic variety hunts

What’s the best combo to proc windgraves passive with titans bane

With 2 handers there isn’t really a shortcut to the finisher. SnS remains the best for that, big perk for healing Wingraves. Hazmey has a good video for a build like this, check it out!