In Wayfinder, the characters are categorized into Wayfinder archetypes. These archetypes define how that character will function, and grants your character a set of passive abilities. There are currently 3 different archetypes in the game. These consists of Arcanist, Survivalist, and Warmaster.

The passives for each archetype consist of an archetype mechanic and an archetype dodge. Currently each Wayfinder falls into the following archetype:


Archetypes help define you role as a Wayfinder. However, every Wayfinder can be customized to whatever playstyle you want via the Echo system, your weapon of choice, and other customization options avialable.


The Arcanist archetype includes Niss and Kyross. This is the more traditional DPS role. These characters are centered around dealing high amounts of damage.


The Arcanist mechanic is called Intervention Orbs. Defeating enemies has a chance to spawn an intervention orb, which can be consumed by the Arcanist or their allies to increase ability power.

The Arcanist dodge is called blink. Arcanists benefit from the largest invincibility window when dodging attacks with their blink, and also travel an increased distance.


The Survivalist includes Silo and Venomess. This archetype is centered around controlling the battlefield, and is a more traditional support-type role.


The Survivalist mechanic is called expose weakness. On critical hit you will expose the enemy for 6 seconds. This will mark it for your teammates. While exposed, enemies will take 10% additional damage from all sources

The Survivalist dodge is called dash. Your dash has increased range and benefits from a reduced stamina cost, allowing you to dash more often.


The Warmaster includes Senja and Wingrave. This archetype is centered around being the frontline for your group. This is the more traditional tank type role.


The Warmaster mechanic is called Art of War. Weapon abilities charge 15% faster. When you use a weapon ability you will inspire yourself and nearby allies for a short time. This will increase weapon power by 10% per ability level, stacking up to 30%

The Warmaster dodge is called dodge roll. You will have an additional 20 stamina and restore resilience with each role.


The Archetypes in Wayfinder essentially place your character into a role or a class. However, this does not tie you down to playing within that particular role. For example, you can turn Wingrave into a DPS Wayfinder if you choose. This can be done through your choice of weapon, echoes, and accessories.