Wayfinder is set to release in 2023, and this article details the upcoming Wayfinder beta date and what to expect from the early access launch.

Wayfinder Beta Date Confirmed

The next Wayfinder beta date has been officially announced and is going to be on February 28, 2023.

he beta test will run from 2/28 12pm CST until 3/6 at 12pm CST and users from North America as well as Europe will be invited for this phase of beta. This beta will also include cross play so PlayStation 5 and PC players will be able to adventure together!

By participating in any beta, you’ll also receive three exclusive items. Two Weapon charms, and a title to be delivered when Wayfinder is in Early Access!

wayfinder beta date

Early Access Release

The early access month has been officially set for May of 2023! Early access will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

In order to get into early access you will need to purchase a Founders Pack. Purchasing a Founders Pack will unlock Early Access and give Wayfinders a chance to join in the adventure before the game’s full release later this year.

There will not be a reset of progression or a wipe during early access or beyond. This means that the start of early access will be the true start of your adventure in Evenor.

Founders Pack

The founder’s packs are going to grant early access, as well as, some unique and valuable items that will never be obtainable outside of these packs.

Multiple tiers will be available allowing player choice, as well as upgrades. Each tier includes awesome and exclusive items such as cosmetics, pets, mounts and more.

Wayfinder Founders pack

Beta Sign Up Information

Wayfinder is moving away from direct Steam key invitations and opening beta access up to a broader audience directly through Steam Beta.

If you’re interested in playing in the PC beta and have not previously participated in any test, you will be required to sign up directly on the steam website or client. Even if you have previously signed up for the PC beta on the Wayfinder website, you will need to navigate to the Steam page and sign up with this new feature.

All you need to do is navigate to the Wayfinder store page via Steam and click the “Request Access” button. The selection process will still be random and if selected you’ll receive an email from Steam. Signing up on the Steam page will not have any negative impact on players who previously signed up on the Wayfinder website.

wayfinder steam

All players who received access to any of the previous technical tests will automatically be granted access to the Closed Beta and can access the game as you have in previous tests.

Playstation Users

There is no change in sign ups for Playstation players. Players can continue to visit the Wayfinder website to sign up for beta on Playstation. You will only receive a confirmation email on your first sign up and do not need to sign up additional times for each wave of invitations.