This Wayfinder consumables guide covers everything you need to know about consumables in the game. Consumables in Wayfinder function a little bit differently than other games. Currently the only consumables available are potions.

There are several different types of potions you can craft and utilize.

How Potions Work in Wayfinder

Once you craft a potion in Wayfinder, it becomes yours forever. You do not need to craft it again. However, you do have a limited number of charges that can be used for each potion you craft. So, when you’re in a lost zone or a hunt be mindful of how you utilize your potions. Once they are depleted you will no longer be able to utilize them within that instance. It is possible to obtain more charges by crafting additional potions.

Once you leave the instance you can locate a refilling shrine and interact with it to refill all of your potion charges. So, you do not have to continuously craft potions if you run out, you simply need to refill the charges.

Wayfinder Consumables Guide

You can access all of your available potions by pressing the default key of “C” and opening the character menu. From here you can select one of the potion slots located below your accessory slots to equip a particular potion.

This will bring up all the potions you currently own. You can have a total of three consumables equipped at a time. Bear in mind that these can not be swapped out during an instance. So, make sure you have the appropriate potion slotted prior to entering a dungeon or a hunt.

While in this menu you can hover over a particular potion and press the middle mouse button to see more information about that potion.

Wayfinder Consumables Guide

How to Craft a Potion

In order to craft a potion you will need to make your way to Skylight. From there you will need to find the NPC named Verge. He is located in Market Row. Interact with him and simply select craft consumables.

This will bring up a list of all the available consumable options. Each potion requires a set amount of ingredients, gold, and a specific recipe to craft. Once you have acquired all of these items you can craft the potions.

Recipes can be obtained from various enemies, events, and bosses.

Again, once you craft the potion it is yours forever. It’s a permanent item added to your potion inventory. Each additional potion you craft will grant you an additional charge to that particular potion.

Types of Potions

There are a ton of different types of potions in Wayfinder. In order to see all of the recipes you have discovered you can press the default key of “J” to view the discoveries menu. From there select recipes and then consumables.

This will bring up every consumable recipe you have discovered. You can view the function of a particular potion and more details about that potion by pressing the default key of “F” to view ingredient details.