What Are Wayfinder Echoes

Echoes in Wayfinder are items that you can loot from taking down various monsters in the game. These items allow you to increase the power and effects of your current character loadout. All Wayfinder echoes have their own unique bonuses or attributes. Your character, weapon, and accessories all have a specified number of echo slots available that you can use to equip the echoes that you have collected.

How to Use an Echo

In order to utilize an echo you will need to navigate to the echo menu. From here you can select an empty echo slot. This will bring up your echo inventory. You can then select your desired echo for your character, weapon, or accessory.

This will place the echo into that slot and give you the bonuses associated with it. You can unequip and change echoes whenever you want. This can greatly change up your build and your playstyle.

You can also see if the echo is currently equipped on another character, weapon, or accessory. You can still equip an echo that’s being used, but it will unequip it from that item or character.

Categories & Types of Echoes

There are essentially 2 different categories of echoes in Wayfinder. There are echoes that increase certain attributes, such as break power, max health, weapon power, crit power, etc. The other category of echo will grant you some special abilities.

For example, if you equip the Bloodspawn Echo you will receive the following:

It’s triggered by landing a jump heavy slam attack. If successfully landed you will cause physical damage equal to 150% of your weapon power to surrounding enemies, and reduce their movement speed by 50%. This echo has a 30 second cooldown.

Types of Echoes

Each echo belongs to one of five echo types as follows:

Echo SlotEcho Slot Icon

The first 4 types of echoes will boost your character attributes as mentioned before, and the final type, Rush echoes, will grant you the special additive effects to your character.

Matching Echoes with Their Echo Slot

Just like echoes themselves, your echo slots (where you equip your echo) also come in one of the 5 types mentioned before. Any echo can be equipped to a slot of any type as long as you have the required echo capacity to do so.

However, if you equip an echo into a slot of a matching type, the capacity cost for that echo will be cut in half. This will allow you to equip more powerful echoes which will help you maximize your loadout.

Echo Capacity & Slots

Your character, weapon, and accessories all have a maximum echo capacity. You can see the echo capacity within the echoes menu. It’s located above the item that you are trying to slot an echo into. Every echo has an assigned capacity cost. You can see that cost listed beside each echo in the echo menu. You must have enough capacity available in order to equip the echo. And, as mentioned before, matching the echo type with the appropriate slot will cut the capacity cost in half.

As your character and weapons level up they will unlock additional echo slots, and increased echo capacity. This will allow for additional echoes to be equipped, and echoes of higher power to be equipped

Accessories do not level up. They have a fixed level when they are acquired. Therefore, they also come with a fixed number of echo slots and echo capacity when you acquire them.

Upgrading Echoes & Echo Rarities

During you playtime you will obtain many echoes of the same type. You can utilize these extras to upgrade other echoes through a process called echo fusion. This process costs memory fragments in order to complete.

Echo fusion allows you fuse echoes into another echo. In order to gain access to Echo fusion you must first complete the appropriate quest. Fusion will increase the ranking and upgrade the power of the selected echo. However, every echo has a maximum limit that it can be upgraded. This is indicated by the number of stars an echo has.

wayfinder echo fusion

There are also different rarities that can be acquired. These include uncommon, rare, and epic. The higher your echo rarity the more powerful it will be. Rarer echoes will have a higher max rank or max stars and higher power potential.

When fusing, you will be able to see the fusion xp values. If you fuse echoes from the same creature into the echo you are wanting to be more powerful you will receive bonus fusion xp.