Welcome to our Wayfinder Gold Guide. Learn the fastest and most efficient way to pile up gold as you play Wayfinder

Factors that affect Gold Gain

First, it’s important to note that Expeditions are currently the best source of gold in Wayfinder (discussed below) In Expeditions, several factors affect the amount of Gold you earn in Wayfinder:

  • Recommended Power Level
  • Number of Chests Looted During an Expedition
  • Average Accessory and Resource Value that drop

Let’s take a look at each of the three factors in detail.

Recommended Power Level (RPL)

Recommended Power Level is the single most important variable when it comes to gaining gold in Wayfinder. RPL is what determines the amount of gold you’ll receive from looting Treasure Chests AND the value of the accessories and Resources you’ll find in the Expedition.

Number of Chests

Each chest Looted during an Expedition grants you X amount of gold where X is a Range that is determined from the Recommended Power Level of the Expedition. Below are some examples of ranges we found throughout the testing process

  • Repository of Knowledge Sphere 2 (1637 RPL) – 354 to 473 Gold Per Chest
  • Bal Duum Sphere 4 (2753 RPL) – 451 to 622 Gold Per Chest

Accessory and Resource Value

There are two Variables that determine the Value of an Item, Rarity and Power Level. Below are two examples of how these factors affect the sell price of an Item.

  • A Level 18 Rare Goblin Disassembly Kit sells for 887 Gold, and a Level 33 Uncommon Incendiary Kit sells for 870 Gold.
  • A level 31 Brightburn Scarf sells for 825 Gold, and a level 19 Brightburn Scarf sells for 555 Gold

Best Activities for Gaining Gold

Expeditions are the best way to gain gold in Wayfinder. More importantly, Expeditions that you can complete quickly with chests that you can Easily Access. Below are two activities that meet both of these standards and come at various different Recommended Power Levels.

Undercroft – Sphere 4 – Recommended Power Level 1528

  • Average clear time – 5 to 9 min
  • Average Gold Per Run 1800 to 3500

The Undercroft is one of, if not the, quickest Expeditions to clear in Wayfinder. Set the Expedition to Sphere 4 and watch your gold pile up. The only side to running Undercroft is the Low to mid-tier accessories and Resources it drops.

Balduum (Any Level) – Recommended Power Level 1823 – 2753

  • Average Clear time – 6 to 10 min
  • Average Gold Per Run – 1500 to 3000

What Balduum lacks in Speed and Gold from chests, it makes up in high-end Accessories and Resources. Running Balduum at Sphere 4 can earn you around 450-620 gold per chest. If you get lucky on Chest Spawns, you can easily match the gold from an Undercroft run with accessories and Resources that are double the price.

Wayfinder Gold Guide Conclusion

That completes our Wayfinder Gold Guide. For more Wayfinder Content, check out our Wayfinder Home Page