The Wayfinder release date has finally been announced! Wayfinder is set to hit early access on August 15, 2023. Early access will last for the duration of season 1 and 2. Then, the game will be fully released and free to play. This article will cover everything you need to know about the Wayfinder release date announcement, founders packs, the newly announced housing information, and more.

Wayfinder Founders Packs

Along with the release date announcement all the tiers of the founders packs were also announced. You will need to purchase a founders pack in order to play during early access. However, later in the year the game will become fully free to play. There will be a total of 4 tiers available on both Steam and PSN:

  • Base Pack – $19.99
  • Initiate Pack – $49.99
  • Awakened Pack – $89.99
  • Exalted Pack – $149.99

Each tier offers a variety of unique items, skins, and titles. It’s important to note that the skins and some of the other items will only be available from the founder’s pack. These items will never be available for purchase again. Primarily, the Heroic Kyros. Heroic Kyros is the heroic version of the character and not simply just a skin. The Heroic version will have an increased mod capacity and slightly different stats compared the normal Kyros counterpart.

This character is exclusive to the Exalted pack and will never again be available for purchase.

Below is everything included in each of the founder’s packs:

Wayfinder founder packs

Along with all the rewards mentioned above, the newest Wayfinde, Venomess will be made instantly available with the purchase of the Awakened or Exalted Pack.

The Reward Tower

Each founder’s pack will grant you will varying levels of access to the founder’s season 1 and 2 reward tower. The reward tower is Wayfinder’s version of a battle pass or a season pass.

You will be able to climb the tower, charting your path and select rewards along the way. The rewards will include reward tower keys that can be utilized to unlock different rewards across all the floors of the reward tower. Rewards include crafting components needed for that Season’s new Wayfinder and their Unique Style Set. Other rewards include Color Dyes, Emotes, Weapon & Dagger Skins, Trinkets, Sprays, Charms, Housing Decorations and Pets, and more.

You will NOT lose access to earn rewards from the reward tower after the founder pack season ends. A season’s reward tower can be purchased at any time during that active season, and it will never expire. This means that you can buy the season tower and unlock the rewards at your own pace. You can also have more than one season tower at a time. However, you can’t play through them simultaneously, but you can free switch between them and earn the rewards for that tower whenever you want.

NOTE: This does not apply to the free reward track tower. The free version will expire once the season ends.


Housing was confirmed to be in the game at early access. The first iteration of housing will include apartments that you can customize to your liking. The apartment is your starter home. It is interior only. However, future iterations of housing will include a much more in depth system along with neighborhoods. This will allow players to have exterior spaces as well.

Apartments are described by the developers as your room in the inn at Skylight. It’s your personal space to customize how you want. You will be able to customize your apartment with thousands of various housing items. This includes both cosmetic and gameplay items. The different categories include decor, artifacts, trophies, and pets.

Cosmetic items include decor items. Things like beds, furniture, tables, chairs, lights, etc. You will be able to rotate the items, stack some items on top of one another, and place things exactly where you want.


Artifacts are items that will come with a power of sorts. Most artifacts are earned from defeating bosses in the game. If you place these in your house you will add these powers to a pool. You will be able to select these artifacts to equip and you will gain that power when out in the world. This will help you setup your loadout based on what activity you are doing. Things like earning extra gold will be powers you can obtain.


Trophies are a mix between cosmetics and artifacts. You can interact with the trophies once a day within your house to earn a reward from the trophies. Each trophy will offer an additional reward. However, these do not give you global power like an artifact would.


Pets are placeable items in your house. You can interact with you pet while in your home. They will hang out with you in your house, but over time they will be able to follow you around in the world.