Recently, the Wayfinder official twitter account has been running an AMA. There have been some very interesting questions and answers from the developers regarding the upcoming MMO. Below you will find the full details of that AMA.

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Wayfinder Twitter AMA

Are we able to pick any of the 6 revealed Wayfinders at start?

Wingrave, Silo, and Niss will be available at the start of your adventure. Kyros, Senja, Venomess and additional characters that we continuously add over time will be earnable and craftable in game!

With there be mechanics to earn or craft a Wayfinder multiple times to get certain bonuses? Like a lot of gacha games do.

Great question. Our awakening system allows you to collect and craft more characters making them stronger and more powerful as you play, as they’re all game drops and not purchasable.

What kind of customization options are we going to be looking at in regards to character appearance? Not being able to tune your favorite character/class to make them look the way you want is, in my mind, a huge gamble.

There will be in game customization options to make your character feel unique to you as you go through the stories we have to tell! Looking forward to seeing you in Evenor

Are you going to have pets as cosmetics?

The world of Evenor is full of amazing creatures and you better believe some will be by your side!

Will we have our own personal space? Like a house or a room or dojo??

There will housing options for you! While we don’t have additional info to share quite yet, know that you will get to have your own space in Evenor.

Will the game feature full matchmaking for PvE, dungeons and all that?

There will be matchmaking options! Join up with friends or new teammates!

Is there going to be any way to earn gear that changes your appearance, or is that all store bought. Like is there anything that will set you appart in your appearance based on achievements?

There will be earnable cosmetics in game for you, along with exclusive seasonal content!

How is damage calculated?

Each attack or ability has its own multiplier of your attack power or ability power to deal damage and break power to do break damage if they are armored and have a resilience bar.

Attack power is used for all weapon attack and weapon abilities. Ability power is used for all character abilities. Break power is always used for doing break damage from any source. Enemies have no physical or magic defense like the player so the only damage reduction on enemies will come from a buff or if they are armored (they will reduce incoming damage while not guard broken, just like the player).

Example: for some Sword and Shield attacks:
Sword attack 1: -Atk power * 0.75 -Break power *0.3
Sword attack 6: -Atk power * 1.1 -Break power *0.4
Shield attack 1: -Atk power * 0.55 -Break power *0.95
Shield attack 4: -Atk power * 0.7 -Break power *1.5

Enemies work the same way where they have attack power, ability power and break power. Players have physical defense which mitigates some damage from attacks that use attack power, magic defense mitigates damage from enemy attacks that use ability power. Enemy break power will damage the player’s Resilience bar.

Will there be characters of different heights and sizes?

The people of Evenor come in all shapes and sizes. Height doesn’t matter, conviction to save Evenor is what’s important! (That’s a yes!)

Are there any plans for PvP content?

While we’d love to add PvP sometime during the life of Wayfinder, it is currently not the focus of the game. But never say never!