Looking to Earn more XP in Wayfinder? Find the best way to level Wayfinders and Weapons in our Wayfinder XP Guide.

How to Increase XP Gain

Before we look at the best way to Gain XP, it’s essential to examine what variables affect XP gain in Wayfinder. Below is a list of factors that increase your experience gain and which ones do not.

Factors that Increase XP Gain

  • Available Side Quests
  • First Time Completion (Priority Quests)
  • Recommended Power Level of Activity
    • Sphere Level
  • Completion time of Activity
  • Events with the Expedition
  • Resonance Scrolls (Currently not Available in-game)

Factors with no Effect on XP Gain

  • Wayfinder level **
  • Wayfinder Power Level**
  • Imbuements
  • Party Size**

** Could increase Activity Clear Time but no Direct effect on XP gain

Weapon Experience vs. Wayfinder Experience

There is no difference in the rate at which you gain XP between Weapons and Wayfinders. When earning experience, your equipped weapon and Wayfinder will earn the same amount of XP. Here are some essential facts about the difference between Weapon and Wayfinder Experience gain

  • Weapons take less XP to get to max level than Wayfinders

Best Activities for Experience Gain in Wayfinder.

Main Story Quests

Starting off in Wayfinder, the best source of XP is going through the Main Story Quest. Not only is the MSQ fast XP, but completing it also helps you unlock most of the activities in the game. Make sure to use the MSQ to get your first Wayfinder/Weapon to the max level so that you can use them to complete Harder/Higher Required Power Level Activities later in the game.

Priority Quests

After the Nerf to Repeatable Quests, Priority Quests give the best XP bonus per activity. Thus, choosing an activity for XP gain should start by looking for an Expedition Priority Quest. As your Power Level increases, make sure to keep track of the recommended Power Level of each Expedition Sphere. Once you’re close to the Recommended Power Level, queue up the Expedition with the required Sphere and Imbuement of your current Priority Quests.

For Example, once you get close to Power Level 1750 to 2000, Make sure you complete you’re Bal Duum Sphere 2 Priority Quests to maximize XP gain as you level up your Wayfinder and weapon.

Next, make sure you have a repeatable quest in that Zone. There are two repeatable quests currently in Wayfinder:

Combining one of these repeatable quests with one of your Priority Quests helps keep XP gain high as you push to higher Required Power Level activities. Here is an example of two that would work.

Once you reach Sphere 4 on each of your Expeditions. You can start pushing into end-game content and going for Speed-clearing Expeditions.

Bal Duum Expedition

Bal Duum is one of the fastest Expeditions to complete in Wayfinder. Couple that with the fact it has a Recommended Power Level that Scales from 1823 to 2753 and you have one of the best ways to gain Mid to Late – Game XP. It just so happens that Bal Duum is also a good source of Gold as well!

As discussed above, you can also use Bal Duum to complete the Repeatable Quest “The Would-Be Successor”. But once you have completed all your Priority Quests for The Pit and Bal Duum, it’s just better to keep completing Bal Duum on Sphere level 4.

Wayfinder XP Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Wayfinder XP Guide. For more guides, check out our Wayfinder Home Page.