Welcome to our Wingrave Bastion build guide. In this build, we pair Wingrave with his signature weapon, Bastion, to act as a front-line tank with great utility for his teammates. This build also has fantastic survivability and defensiveness. It is effective both solo or in a group. However, it’s recommended for a group due to the lower damage output and the fantastic support it provides for allies.

Weapon – Bastion

We will be using Wingrave’s signature weapon, Bastion. This will allow for an additional healing option for yourself and your team. This provides you with a ton of survivability. This weapon is core to the gameplay mechanics of the build. This build is very much a tank support build that’s incredibly effective at keeping your allies alive, and allowing them to dish out as much damage as possible.

Weapon Ability – Celestial Renewal will allow you to raise your shield and create an area of effect healing pulse to heal yourself and nearby allies.

Wingrave Bastion Build

Key Passive

Healing Pulse – Every melee finisher that you perform will heal yourself and one nearby ally. This pairs well with the rest of Wingrave’s kit. Most of the kit is focused around healing and support and this is yet another tool in your toolbelt to provide that additional support to yourself and your team.

Skill Progression

Below is the progress in which to apply your skill points as you level up. For this build the goal is to provide tons of survivability to yourself and your team.

Attribute Priority

Phys & Mag Defense -> Resilience -> Health -> Break Power


For this build we will be prioritizing break power for our primary offense attribute. This will provide tons of value to your team. You will be able to break the resilience bar of enemies so that your team can then deal as much damage as possible during that break window.

This pairs well with your signature weapon because shield attacks will deal additional break damage. Shield slams will also deal break damage and bank a pip that will allow you to utilize your weapon ability. Once the resilience bar is broken you can then attack with your sword. Attacking with a sword will deal additional health damage.

You can also utilize Righteous Strike to deal additional damage and heal yourself and your allies. However, your primary role will be to break the resilience bar while providing healing for your group. If you’re playing solo, this is a great option as well. Once the resilience bar is broken you can then switch to sword and DPS down the mob.


Wingrave excels at defense, and this is a top priority for this build. You will be prioritizing resilience over max health because you will be the front line. If your resilience is broken you will be staggered, leaving yourself and your team vulnerable. Having high defensive stats as well as resilience will allow you to be the ultimate support for your team.

Your shield provides an excellent block, and a well timed attack after a block will deal good amounts of damage. Blocking also builds up your latent power meter while utilizing a sword and shield. Building the meter is necessary to use your weapon ability.

Wingrave also has a ton of healing options and another excellent defensive option with the use of his Radiant Pulse ability. He also has an incredibly powerful ultimate with Divine Aegis. This ability makes anyone immune to damage that stand in the circle, and heals them over time for a good amount.



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Weapon Mastery


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How to Play the Wingrave Bastion Build

Unlike some of the other builds, the priority of abilities is going to depend heavily on the encounter. You have a lot of options to support you team if someone gets in trouble. Your role is to keep your allies alive while breaking the resilience bar of your enemies. You have a ton of survival options at your disposal.

Whenever you begin an encounter make sure you’re utilizing Judgment in order to get some easy heals for your allies. This should be used whenever it’s available due to the passive heal it provides. Also make sure you’re utilizing shield bash in order to break the resilience of the mobs you’re fighting. This will allow your team to make quick work of them once their resilience bar is broken.

When someone gets low on health you will have a variety of options to support that ally. Righteous strike is a quick an easy option to provide a good heal to yourself and nearby allies. Always be aware of it’s cooldown in case you need to pop a heal very quickly.

Make sure you’re positioning is on point when utilizing Radiant Pulse. If your allies are in front of you they will not receive any benefit from the ability. Make sure they are behind you when using it.

You also have ultimate survivability for yourself and your team with your ultimate ability, Divine Aegis. Utilize this ability when you need a large AoE heal. Everyone in your group can get into the bubble and heal safely.

Activating Your Weapon Ability

Remember that you also have an AoE healing pulse that you can utilize from your weapon ability. When you have a sword and shield equipped you will receive the Latent Power weapon mechanic.

  • Blocking and hitting enemies with melee attacks will build up the Latent Power meter.
  • When the meter is full, a block counter or shield slam attack will bank a pip next to the meter. You can store up to 3 levels this way.
  • Performing a weapon ability will consume all pips and power up the ability based on how many pips were used.