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Wingrave Guide

This Wingrave Guide will be updated as more information emerges, so check back often!


Wingrave, nicknamed The Seeker, is a templar clad in spell-forged armor and sustained by his faith in the Architects. He’s a natural leader and true champion, always ready to defend the innocent and to smite the forces of evil.

Wingrave follows the path of a tank/support role. He excels at close combat. His abilities revolve around summoning shields and healing allies. All of his abilities are straightforward, making him fairly simple to play. His signature weapon is a sword and shield that deals large amounts of damage.

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Wingrave Abilities

Wingrave has four different abilities, and one passive. Two of those abilities heal, and two of those abilities form a shield.

The name of Wingrave’s passive is unknown at this time, however, the passive he possesses is to heal nearby allies when killing an enemy with a melee attack.

Wingrave’s four abilities are as follows:

Righteous Strike

When Wingrave hits an enemy he deals cleave damage and causes an explosion of healing energy to shoot out and heal himself & nearby allies.

Radiant Pulse

Wingrave forms a Divine Shield that blocks projectiles and boosts defense of allies standing behind it.


Wingrave will Mark enemies for judgement. Anyone hitting a Judged enemy will restore their own health.

Divine Aegis

Wingrave summons a powerful barrier that makes anyone standing in it immune to damage and heals them over time.

Signature Weapon

Each character in Wayfinder has a signature weapon. However, any character can use any weapon type, or other’s signature weapon, in the game. There are trade offs to these decisions.

Wingrave’s signature weapon is called Bastion. It’s a combination of sword and shield. Bastion’s ability is called shield bash. When activated, shield bash inflicts massive impact and guard break damage to enemies hit.

Wingrave Starting Attributes

Max HealthAttack PowerAbility PowerCrit RatingCrit PowerBreak PowerPhysical DefenseMagical DefenseResilience

Backstory / Lore

The following information was retrieved directly from the official website:

Wingrave is an Archon Templar, clad in spell-forged armor and sustained by his faith in the Architects. Long before the Gloomfall, he fought monsters in the shadows and defended the people of the Empire from the terrifying threats of the Maze. He is a natural leader and a true hero, borne up by his honest faith in the light and the Empire.

These are the things that Wingrave’s Echo remembers when he is first reborn. Of all the Champions, Wingrave is the one who most feels like a hero—a true champion of light. However, as the player uncovers more of Wingrave’s past, they will uncover the darker side of the Empire and the Archons… the fact that not all denizens of the Maze are monsters, and brutal actions like the massacre of the monks at Aurelian. Ultimately, Wingrave’s Echo will have the opportunity to be a better man than the original—to live up to his ideals, and be the champion he could and should have been.

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