Armor in Ark

In Ark Survival Evolved there are several different armor sets you can wear. Each armor set provides different benefits. Some of the benefits include armor rating, hypothermal insulation (cold protection), hyperthermal insulation (heat protection), camouflage, and more.

Each set of armor also has different durability values. Durability is the amount of damage the armor can take before a piece is broken. Generally, against most creatures you will lose 1 durability point on your armor for every 16 damage mitigated by the armor. For example, flak gear has durability of 120 on each piece. This means it could mitigate 120*16 damage or 1,920 damage before breaking.

List of All Armor

Listed below are all the different armor sets and their uses. You can click on the hyperlink for each applicable armor set for additional information including the various protection values from cold and heat, durability values, how to craft the set, and more.

IconArmor NameUnlock LevelArmor Rating (Full Set)Weight (Full Set)Durability (Per Piece)
cloth armor arkCloth Armor350325
hide armor arkHide Armor1510010.545
fur armor arkFur Armor2320034125
desert cloth armor arkDesert Cloth Armor (1)282001645
ghillie armor arkGhillie Armor331602445
chitin armor arkChitin Armor372502250
flak armor arkFlak Armor5650030120
hazard armor arkHazard Armor (2)683252385
scuba armor arkScuba Armor (3)81523185
riot armor arkRiot Armor9857542120
tek armor arkTek ArmorUnlocked After Defeating all Bosses90022300

(1) Desert Cloth Armor is a part of the Scorched Earth DLC

(2) The Hazard Armor is a part of the Aberration Expansion Pak for Ark Survival Evolved

(3) Scuba Armor only consists of 4 armor pieces. There is no hand slot item for this armor. Each of the pieces grant the user a special ability. Also provides no armor value except the legs.