Flak Armor in Ark is a late game armor. You can unlock it at level 56, but you must first learn the prerequisite Chitin Armor before you can unlock the Flak armor engrams. Each piece of Flak armor provides the user 100 armor per piece for a total of 500 for the full set. You can find Flak armor in Yellow supply crates.

Flak armor provides high physical protection, moderate cold protection, and makes the user more susceptible to heat. The full set of Flak armor in Ark provides +60 cold protection and -25 heat protection. This makes Flak armor a great set for combat, but less useful for general situations.

Each piece of Flak armor provides 120 durability. This makes Flak armor one of the most durable sets of gear in Ark. The durability is equivalent the next step up in combat armor, Riot Armor, but below the final step in your armor progression, Tek armor.

flak armor in ark

How to Craft Flak Armor

To craft Flak armor in ark you must first reach level 56 and unlock the prerequisite Chitin Armor before you can learn the Flak armor engrams. Flak armor must be crafted a smithy, or on a saddle that can act as a smithy. These saddles include the Argentavis Saddle, Castoroides Saddle, and Thorny Dragon Saddle. You can also craft the armor at a Tek Replica.

The craft the full set you will need to obtain 53 metal ingots, 40 hide, and 18 fiber. Flak armor is made primarily from metal ingots. In order to obtain the ingots you will need mine metal nodes and refine the metal into ingots at either a refining forge or an industrial forge.

Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
flak helmet arkHelmet100+10-3412010 Metal Ingots; 7 Hide; 3 Fiber
flak chest arkChestpiece100+15-71012013 Metal Ingots; 10 Hide; 4 Fiber
flak gauntlets arkGauntlets100+10-421206 Metal Ingots; 5 Hide; 2 Fiber
flak leggings arkLeggings100+15-71012016 Metal Ingots; 12 Hide; 5 Fiber
flak boots arkBoots100+10-441208 Metal Ingots; 6 Hide; 4 Fiber