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Diablo 4 Gear Affixes


Every Item in Diablo 4 has Affixes that change how your character performs. In our Diablo 4 Gear Affixes guide, every affix we know of in Diablo 4 is listed with its category and Item it can roll on.

Offensive Item Affixes

Offensive Affixes will help your character deal damage and increase your character’s stats. Among these are Primary attributes, Weapon Damage, Crit Chance, and more! Below are all the different Offensive Affixes we know in Diablo 4.

Stat Increases

* Weapons have higher values
+ (*) All Statsxxxxxx (*)x (*)xx
+ (*) Strengthxxxxxx (*)x (*)xx
+(*) Dexterityxxxxxx (*)x (*)xx
+(*) Intelligencexxxxxx (*)x (*)xx
+(*) Willpowerxxxxxx (*)x (*)xx
+ % Strengthx
+ % Dexterityx
+ % Intelligencex
+% Willpowerx

Attack Speed

+ % Attack Speedx
+ % Basic Attack Speedxxx
+ X% Minion Attack Speedxx
+Attack Speed for X Seconds After Dodging an Attackxx

Control Effects

+ % Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemiesxxx
+ % Damage to Stunned Enemiesxxx
+]% Damage to Slowed Enemiesxxx
+% Damage to Dazed Enemiesxxx
+ % Damage to Frozen Enemiesxxx
+ % Damage to Chilled Enemiesxxx

Critical Strike Modifiers

(*) Higher value is only found on gloves
+ % Critical Strike Chancex (*)xxx
+ % Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemiesxxxx
+% Critical Strike Damagex (*)xxx
+% Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skillsxxx
+ % Lightning Critical Strike Damagexxx


+ % Minion Attack Speedxx
+ ]% Maximum Minion Lifexxxxx


(*) the lower value is only found on rings
+% Overpower Damagexxxx(*)xx
+ % Overpower Damage with Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weaponsxx

Damage Modifiers

(*) Damage over Time includes Bleeding, Poison, Burning and Shadow DoT
+% Damage for X Seconds After Dodging an Attackxxx
+% Damage for [0.07 – 0.14] Seconds After Picking Up a Blood Orbxxxxx
+% Damage to Distant Enemiesxxx
+ % Damage to Close Enemiesxxx
+ % Damage to Elitesxx
+ [2 – 35]% Damage to Injured Enemiesxxxx
+ % Damage to Healthy Enemiesxxxx
+ % Damage to Burningxxxx
+% Damage to Targets affected by Shadow DOTxxxx
+ % Damage to targets affected by poisonxxxx
+ % Damage while Shapeshiftedxx
+ % Damage with X Weaponsxx
Up to a +% Chance to Execute Injured Non-Elitesxx

Skill Bonuses

(*) Category being e.g. Agility, Brawling, Corpse Skills. (exists for every category of skills)
+ Ranks of All CATEGORY Skills (*)x
+ Ranks of T2 Skillx
+ Ranks of T3 Skillxxx
+ Ranks of T4 Skillxx
+Ranks of Passive Skillx

Damage Type Increase

+X% Weapon Damagexx
+X% Damage Over Timexxx
+X% Damagexx
+X% Cold Damagexx
+X % Fire Damagexx
+X% Lightning Damagexx
+X % Poison Damagexx
+X% Shadow Damagexx
+X% Physical Damagexx
+X% Ranged Damagexx


+ Thornsxxx


+% Vulnerable Damagexxxx

Defensive Gear Affixes

Defensive Affixes will help improve your character’s chances to survive in battle. The Defensive Stats these Affixes provide include Damage Reduction, Health, Resistance, and more!

Armor and Life

+ X Armorxxxx
+ X% Total Armorxxxx
+ Maximum LIfexxxxx
+ Life on KIllxx
+ Life Regen While not Damaged Recentlyxxx
+ Maximum Lifex
+ X Healing Over Timex
+ X Blood Orb Healingxxxx (Necro)
+ X Potion Chargesx


+ Resist Allx
+ Cold Resistancexxxx
+ Fire Resistancexxxx
+ Lightning Resistancexxxx
+ Poison Resistancexxxx
+ Shadow Resistancexxxx

Damage Reduction

+ X Damage Reductionxx
+ X Damage Reduction from Bleeding Enemiesxxxx
+ X Damage Reduction From Burning Enemiesxxxx
+ X Damage Reduction From Close Enemiesxxx
+ X Damage Reduction From Distant Enemiesxxx
+ X Damage Reduction from Enemies Affected By Shadow DOTxxxxx
+ X Damage Reduction from Poisoned Enemiesxxxxx
+ X Damage Reduction While Fortifiedxxxxx
+ X Damage Reduction While Injuredxx
+ X Damage Reduction

Barrier and Dodge

X% Dodge Chancexxx
X% Dodge Chance Against Close Enemiesxx
X% Dodge Chance Against Distance Enemiesxx
+ X% Barrier Generationxxxxx


+X Crowd Control Durationxxxx
+X Control Imparied Duration Reductionx


+ X Maximum Minion LIfexx

Utility Gear Affixes

Utility Affixes help provide unique effects to your character’s performance. If you are looking for Affixes that will improve your resource sustain, Experience gain, Lucky Hit Chance, or Cooldown reduction, Look no further.

Movement Speed

+ X Movement Speedxx
+ X Movement Speed for X Seconds After Killing an Elitex
+ X Evade Brefly Grants X% Movement Speedx

Resource Management and Cooldown Reduction

+ X% Cooldown Reductionxxxx
+X Maximum Resourcexx
+ X Resource Generationxx
+ X Resource Cost Reductionxxxxx

Lucky HIt

+ Lucky HIt Chancexx
+ Lucky HIt Chance with Barrierxx
Lucky Hit:Up to 5% chance to Heal X Lifex
Lucky Hit: Up to 5% chance to Restore X Resourcexxx
Lucky Hit: Up to a X% Chance to Execute Injuted Non-Elitesxx

Diablo 4 Gear Affixes Conclusion

Thanks for checking out the guide! For more on Diablo 4’s gear system, make sure to check out our Diablo 4 Gear Guide

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