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Diablo 4 Gem Guide


Welcome to our Diablo 4 Gem Guide. Here we’ll look at each type of Gem you’ll acquire on your journey as well as their effects on Armor, Weapons, and Jewelry.

NOTE – FOR MORE ON MALIGNANT HEARTS, the Season 1 item that slot into gem slots, check out our Malignant Heart Guide!

Gem Types and Their Effects

There are currently 7 types of Gems in Diablo 4. Each one uniquely affects your Stats depending on which piece of gear you slot it in. Below is a chart showing each gem and its effects at each quality.

AMETHYSTWeapon % Damage Over Time4%5%6%7%8%
Armor X% Damage Over Time Taken Reduced4.0%5.0%6.0%7.0%8.0%
Jewelry% Shadow Resistance11.5%14.3%17.1%19.9%22.7%
EMERALDWeapon % Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies7%9%11.0%13.0%15.0%
Armor+ Thorns3%4%4.0%4.5%5.0%
Jewelry% Poison Resistance4%5%6.0%7.0%8.0%
RUBYWeapon % Overpower Damage6%7.5%9.0%10.5%12.0%
Armor% Life increase1228446076
Jewelry% Fire Resistance11.5%14.3%17.1%19.9%22.7%
TOPAZWeapon % Basic Skill Damage12%15%18.0%21.0%24.0%
Armor% Damage Reduction While Control Impaired2%2.5%3.0%3.5%4.0%
Jewelry% Lightning Resistance11.5%14.3%17.1%19.9%22.7%
SAPPHIREWeapon % Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies6%7.5%9.0%10.5%12.0%
Armor% Damage Reduction While Fortified1.0%1.5%2.0%2.5%3.0%
Jewelry% Cold Resistance11.5%14.3%17.1%19.9%22.7%
DIAMONDWeapon % Ultimate Damage10.0%12.5%15.0%17.5%20.0%
Armor% Barrier Generation6.6%7.0%7.4%7.8%8.2%
Jewelry% Resistance to All Elements11.5%14.3%17.1%19.9%22.7%
SKULLWeapon + Life On Kill2581114
Armor% Healing Received3.0%3.5%4.0%4.5%5.0%
Jewelry+ Armor100125150175200

Gem Slots

To slot a gem, you will need a Gem Slot on your gear. Some gear drops with gem slots already on them while other pieces of gear will require you to visit the Jeweler to create the socket. Once at the Jeweler, you’ll need to pay 1 Scattered Prism to create a socket in a piece of gear of your choosing.

Some Pieces can not have sockets added While others can have more than one. Below is a chart showing each piece of gear and the number of sockets that can be added to each.

Piece of GearMax Number of Gem Sockets
1 Handed Weapon/Off-hand1
2 Handed Weapon/Bow2


Diablo 4 Gem Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Diablo 4 Gem Guide. For more on the new Season 1 mechanic, check out our Malignant Heart Guide.

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