Welcome to our Sorcerer Enchantment Guide for Diablo 4. In this guide we will teach you everything you need to know about the Enchantments, when they become available, where to get them and how to unlock them.

How to unlock the Enchantments

Once you reach level 15 with your Sorcerer, you will gain the quest to unlock your Enchantment slot. This quest is called Sorcerer: Legend of the Magi. Make sure to track the quest so you can follow it. Once completed you will gain access to one of the 2 Enchantment slots, the second slot will be unlocked once you reach level 30.

What are Enchantments?

Every skill the Sorcerer has access to has a secondary passive component to it, with the Enchantment slot you can unlock this passive component and gain its benefits. Below we will list all the available options.

Basic Skills:

  • Spark – +12% chance to form Crackling Energy when you kill an enemy.
  • Fire Bolt – Additional 48 burning damage for eight seconds after dealing direct damage.
  • Frost Bolt – +15% chilling effect from direct damage.
  • Arc Lash – Stun enemies for 0.5 seconds after you use a cooldown (i.e., dash).

Core Skills

  • Fireball – Enemies you kill explode in a Fireball that does 50% of its damage.
  • Ice Shards – Automatically conjured and fly toward frozen enemies.
  • Chain Lightning – Automatically formed whenever you spend 100 mana.
  • Charged Bolts – 40% chance to release Charged Bolts when you stun an enemy.
  • Incinerate – A serpent will Incinerate enemies every 20 seconds.
  • Frozen Orb – Any non-Basic skill you cast has a 20% chance to launch Frozen Orb.

Defensive Skills

  • Flame Shield – Automatically activated whenever you take fatal damage; can only occur once every 120 seconds.
  • Frost Nova – +30% chance to unleash Frost Nova when casting Conjuration skills.
  • Ice Armor – +5% chance to apply Ice Armor whenever you’re hit.
  • Teleport – Your evade is replaced by a short-range Teleport with a 17-second cooldown.

Conjuration Skills

  • Ice Blades – Every 20 seconds spent in cooldowns will spawn an Ice Blade on a random enemy.
  • Hydra – A five-headed Hydra spawns each time to spend 300 mana.
  • Lightning Spear – +10% chance to create a Lightning Spear whenever you pick up Crackling Energy.

Mastery Skills

  • Firewall – +5% chance to spawn two Firewalls underneath an enemy whenever they take burning damage.
  • Blizzard – A Blizzard will form around you every 15 seconds.
  • Meteor – Lucky Hit; +3% chance that a Meteor falls on enemies.
  • Ball Lightning – Lucky Hit; +25% chance to spawn Ball Lightning whenever you land a critical hit.

Sorcerer Builds

Enchantments give you a great way to customize your builds, change them according to your build.

Below we have listed our Sorcerer builds:


This concludes our Sorcerer Enchantment Guide for Diablo 4! For more information on Diablo 4, including Seasonal Content, Class Builds and Guides, be sure to check out our Diablo 4 home page!