The Lost Ark Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyssal Dungeon is the fifth Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon. You will need to reach item level 960 and have finished Tranquil Karkosa in order to enter.

You will find two bosses in the Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyssal Dungeon. Witch of Enchantment Sarahiel, Nightmare Incarnate Belloc and Alaric are bosses you will encounter. Additionally, the non-boss mechanics of this dungeon are straight forward; kill everything. Let’s take a deeper look at these two bosses.

Useful Items HP Potion, Panacea

Gate of Paradise Main Mechanics

Unlike other Abyssal Dungeons, Gates of Paradise is setup for 8 players and has underwater breathing mechanics. When first starting out, players are provided with an underwater suit and your oxygen levels are not a concern, however after defeating Orboros, all players must watch their oxygen levels to make sure they don’t drown to death. Oxygen levels for every player will appear over their character.

Restoring Oxygen – There are two ways to restore Oxygen while in Gate of Paradise. Plants and Oxygen Fissures. Both appear on your mini-map, so if you are having a hard time noticing them look there. The Plants will quickly restore your oxygen to full while the Oxygen Fissures you have to stand on and wait a few ticks.

Water Plant for Oxygen
Oxygen Plant

Yellow AoE Attacks – It is common for attacks to show a Red AoE on the ground for when attacks are coming. However, while underwater there are some Yellow AoE attacks you may have noticed. What is special about these attacks is that they deal oxygen damage on top of the normal damage. So if you don’t want to go searching out Oxygen as often, make sure to dodge these attacks as much as possible.

Sarahiel & Belloc Main Mechanics

Witch of Enchantment Sarahiel has 20 health bars and Nightmare Incarnate Belloc does as well. These two bosses are fought at the same time, however the parties are split at the start of the fight.

  • [Wipe Prevention] Karkosa’s Light – Sarahiel will summon 9 orbs of darkness and 1 orb of light that will move around quickly and in random directions. Players must attack the Orb of Light and destroy it within 15 seconds. The player that destroys it will gain Karkoa’s Light Buff that will generate an AoE protection for anyone who stands near the player and inside the circle. Any destroyed Orbs of Darkness will cause everyone to gain a stack of Darkness, so make sure to avoid them.
  • [Wipe Mechanic] Fatal Melody – Sarahiel moves to the middle of the arena and starts the attack with Karkosa’s Light, then spends 15 seconds charging up Fatal Melody. After the 15 seconds, Sarahiel will let out Fatal Melody killing anyone who does not have Karkoa’s Light Buff. The first time the mechanic is initiated, the parties are separated, however when Sarahiel is ready to use Fatal Melody, the parties will have come together. It is common practice for PUGs to stand in the southern area as that is where the party with Karkoa’s Light Buff is teleported to.
Players standing together in Karkosa’s Light to be safe from Fatal Melody

Sarahiel Notable Attacks

  • Poison Drops

Belloc Notable Attacks

  • Poison Drops

Alaric Phase 1 Main Mechanics

Alaric has 20 health bars and has many mechanics to be aware of. For players at item level, this fight can prove to be a challenge.

  • Decimation

Alaric Phase 1 Notable Attacks

  • Windup Charge

Alaric Phase 2 Main Mechanics

Alaric has 40 health bars and has many mechanics to be aware of. For players at item level, this fight can prove to be a challenge.

  • Decimation

Alaric Phase 2 Notable Attacks

  • Windup Charge

Alaric’s Sanctuary Rewards

Some rewards are guaranteed (Guardian’s Will) while others are a chance to obtain (Cards). There are also some limitations on some of the items if your item level at or above 1370. Here are the Alaric’s Sanctuary rewards;

  • Epic and Legendary Cards
  • Legendary Tier 2 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 2 Ability Stones
  • 5x Guardian’s Will (Crafting material for the Unyielding Will & Mute Guardian set)
  • *Rare or Epic (Battle/Class) Engraving Recipe
  • *Gold
  • *Scar of the Abyss Chest (Purchase with 40 gold after the MVP screen)

*Items can only be obtained if you are below an item level of 1370.

Unyielding Will Set
Destroyer Unyielding Will Set