The first level 6 Guardian Raid you will come up against in Lost Ark is Deskaluda. This Guardian is a phoenix-like monster with the power of dark and fire. Item level 1415 is required to enter. Keep on reading, as we break down everything you need to know about in this Tier 3 Deskaluda Guardian Raid Guide.

Useful Items HP Potion, Destruction Bomb, Whirlwind Grenade, Pheromone Bomb.

Weak Against Water– Guardian will take 10% more damage from Water Attacks.

Arena Woeful Drylands

Deskaluda Guardian Raid Guide Mechanics

The best point to make for Deskaluda is, make sure you have a counter ability. Even if it is a slow one. Deskaluda has a lot of opening for you to counter them and for some reason, this Guardian stays down longer than most when countered. There are non auto-kill mechanics if you fail, so this fight is a lot less stressful in this regard.

Key Mechanics

  • Counter Attacks – Deskaluda has many different attacks in which they will shine blue enabling you the ability to Counter Attack. Additionally, this Raid Guardian stays down longer than most while countered, so you are encouraged to do this often as possible for a faster kill.
  • Weak Point – Deskaluda will charge up causing their 3 tails to light up indicating that the Weak Point is active. When you see this, use your Destruction Abilities and/or Destruction Bombs until they are incapacitated. Failure to interrupt this will cause Deskaluda to fly and attack the area below. Shortly after, Deskaluda will use a variation of Mirage Escape that prevents the use of Counter Attacks on it.
  • Mirage Escape – Every 4 minutes after engaging Deskaluda, they will attempt to escape into a new area. Deskaluda will fly up into the sky and have mirage versions attack the ground. The fake versions will show a normal color fire path on the ground where they will attack, however the real version will show the green color fire path of where they will attack. You will want to Counter Attack the real version before they finish the attack to prevent them from escaping the area.
Deskaluda Guardian Seeking Shard Attack
Seeking Shards – Shortly before they fly towards their targets

Attack Patterns

  • [Counterable] Grapple – Deskaluda will quickly move backwards and then target a random player. When Deskaluda turns to the player, they will start to glow blue enabling you to Counter Attack them. Additionally, a green flame path will come up to show the direction of the attack. They will then proceed to grapple the player in the path of the attack if not countered.
  • [Counterable] Flying Dash – Deskaluda will fly upwards, start to turn blue, and then lay down a green fiery path on the ground where they will perform a Flying Dash.
    • [Variant] Tornado – Deskaluda will summon 4 tornados, 2 on each side of the fiery path they will dash through.
    • [Variant] Double Dash – Deskaluda will follow up the first dash with a second one.
    • [Variant] Somersault – Deskaluda will perform a somersault after doing a single or double dash.
  • [Counterable] Land Dash – Deskaluda will flash blue and the spread their wings and lower their head to dash. They will then dash forward.
    • [Variant] Flapping Jump – There is a chance that after the Land Dash, Deskaluda will perform the Flapping Jump attack.
  • Exploding Shards – Deskaluda will pull their right wing in to build-up spinning momentum and then spin while jumping upwards. During this animation, Shards will fly out in a large circular area around the boss. Under the boss will be safe. A few seconds after the shards impact the ground, they will explode.
  • Seeking Shards– Deskaluda will float upwards and then land on the ground to summon up to 8 Shards to attack the players. The Shards will select random targets indicated by a green line between it and the player it will fly towards. A few seconds after summoning the Shards, they will fly towards the targeted player(s).
  • Flame Circle & Cross – Deskaluda will fly a circle around the group creating a flame circle around players preventing them from running out. While inside the circle, 2 players will be marked for a flame Cross attack, but not be injured from it. Players with the markers should stand still, unless they are overcrossing one another, so that players without the markers can move to dodge the attack.
  • Flame Peck – Deskaluda pulls back their head and wings while glowing a brighter green. Shortly afterwards they will peck downwards in front of them and leave a small crater in the wake of the attack.
    • [Variant] Multi-Crater – Sometimes the attack will create additional craters in the direction Deskaluda was facing for the initial attack.
  • Flapping Jump – Deskaluda will flap their wings two times while providing some uplift. Afterwards they will land in the direction they are facing to deal an AoE meteor like impact with an explosion afterwards.
  • Flying Jump – Deskaluda will fly directly up, off the screen, and land in the direction they were facing. Upon impact they will create an AoE cone effect in front of their landing area. Afterwards they will fly back up and return to their original spot of the attack.
  • Portal Beam – Deskaluda will spread their wings outward and summon a wall of Portals. There will be Blue and Green portals that spawn. However the green ones are the only real portals, while the blue are fakes. Beams will shoot out and hit anyone in front of the green portals.
  • 3-1 Explosion – Deskaluda will lift up his right foot and slam it into the ground to summon 3 explosion impacts around themselves. The explosions will spawn in front, back, and sides of Deskaluda, however there will be that one open spot. After these 3 explosions occur, a 4th one will spawn in the unopen spot and explode. Run out to avoid all 4, or run into the free space and then move to the explosion space after they go boom!
  • Tail Swipe – Deskaluda will lift up both wings and turn their body 90° left to indicate they will be doing a tail swipe. Deskaluda will then quickly turn 270° to the right causing the tail to whip around and hit anyone in the front where Deskaluda was originally facing when starting the attack.
  • Somersault – Deskaluda will turn to a player while flying and then perform a Somersault. After they finish the front flip animation, a flame wave in front of them will appear dealing fire damage.
Deskaluda Guardian Exploding Shard Attack
Exploding Shards – Shortly before they explode

Deskaluda Strategy

Thankfully this Raid Guardian is a pushover when it comes to completing the fight. Unlike others, Deskaluda isn’t as punishing and is very easy to Attack Counter. Make sure you take advantage of this because this boss is punished hard for when you perform a counter.

Make sure to use your Destruction Bombs when you see a green flame on Deskaluda or whenever you are seeing the flying text “Destruction” pop-up while attacking. This will help keep the Raid Guardian in your area longer, enabling you and/or your team more up-time attacking them. This will greatly reduce the overall amount of time to kill.

Deskaluda Guardian Raid Guide Loot

  • Deskaluda Card
  • Relic Tier 3 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 3 Honing Material
  • [Relic] Ability Stones
  • Epic or Legendary Class Engraving Recipe
  • Galewind Skill Rune

Deskaluda Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion

That does it for our Lost Ark Deskaluda Guardian Raid Guide. Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide when it comes out! Alternatively, check out the previous Guardian Raid, Velganos!