The final level 5 Guardian Raid you will come up against in Lost Ark is Velganos. This Guardian is a wolf-like monster with the power of dark and light. Item level 1385 is required to enter. Keep on reading, as we break down everything you need to know about in this Velganos Guardian Raid Guide.

Useful Items HP Potion, Whirlwind Grenade, Pheromone Bomb.

Weak Against Holy– Guardian will take 10% more damage from Holy Attacks.

Velganos Guardian Raid Guide Mechanics

Velganos has 2 major phases that will affect how you approach the Guardian. The Dark & Light phase and the Berserk phase.

Key Mechanics

  • Dark & Light Phase – [First Phase] While Velganos is in Dark Phase, they will have a buff that greatly reduces the amount of damage taken. Because of this, you will need to gain stacks of Holy Buff if you want to do any meaningful damage. To earn stacks, you must stand in the beams of light that spawn around the Guardian (See Image Below). When stack Holy Buffs, 3 stacks for max damage and 5 stacks for max reduction. Additionally, you will lose holy stacks for each Dark Attack you take.
  • Berserk Phase – [Final Phase] Velganos’ blue color will turn a deep red and the attack patterns will slightly change. The Holy Buff and Dark Attack still applies in this phase, however the Light Beams will no longer spawn and you will need to eat “Pizza” for stacks.
  • [Berserk Phase] “Pizza” – Vegalos will unleash a dark cloud in a wide AOE Circle around themselves that will be near impossible to dodge when in close (Which is fine). As the darkness spreads, Vegalos will spin clockwise or counterclockwise that will create a small dark tornado that merges into the ground. This is the indicator as to the direction they will spin while creating the Holy Pizza slices. Starting behind at the tail, the first Holy AoE cone will go out and rotate in the same direction as the spin/tornado. The Holy AoE cone will appear 4 times during this attack cycle.
  • Holy Charge – Velganos will take in a deep breath and shine holy. They will then start to absorb holy light while walking a small circle around the holy diagram on the ground. Use Whirlwind Grenades to stagger or run far to avoid the attack.
  • Consume Orb – Velganos will summon a holy circle in front of them and place holy orbs over all the players. Shortly after a holy orb will come out of the circle for Velganos to bite, however a player’s orb will turn dark and will need to corrupt the summoned orb. If your orb turns dark, run into the summoning circle to corrupt Velganos’ orb (Very small window). Failure to corrupt the orb will kill everyone, however if done correctly it will stagger Velganos.
Velganos Guardian - Holy Light Beam
Light Beam – Buff
Velganos Guardian Raid Guide - Pizza
Stand behind boss to eat “Pizza” for Holy Buff stacks in Berserk mode

Holy-Based Attack Patterns

All of Vegalos Holy attacks will have a golden shine in the attack animations. So, you will know its a holy attack based upon this feature.

Velganos Guardian Raid Guide - Holy Outline
Vegalos’ gold shiney look when preforming a holy attack
  • [Holy] Charge – Velganos quickly pulls their head backwards leaving a holy afterimage in place. Then charges forward.
  • [Holy] Feathers – Velganos will turn towards a target player and then perform a small jump and a 90° turn. Once facing the new direction they will shine holy and release feathers from their sides. Feathers come out in a cone shape from Veganos’ left and right side. Afterwards a valley of feathers will rain down in the cone spots.
  • [Holy] Jump – Velganos will shine holy and then jump upwards fast. A holy circle-like puddle will appear on the ground briefly for where they plan to land. Can avoid if you move out of it the second it appears.
  • [Holy] Quake – Velganos will begin to shine holy and perform a backflip in place. Afterwards they will stomp on the ground creating an AoE quake around them. Followed by 2 more stomps with quakes. Each additional quake will grow in size than the last.
  • [Holy] Tail Swipe – Velganos will start to shine holy and leaving behind a short after-image. Then slam their tail quickly on the ground and then do a large swipe with their tail.
  • [Holy] Teleport, Spin, & Roar – Beams of light will shine upwards from Velganos and then they will disappear. Once the beams disappear, Velganos will reappear at their same spot to do a somersault attack, then vanish. Velganos will reappear somewhere close and then roar.

Dark-Based Attack Patterns

All of Vegalos Dark attacks will have a blue shine in the attack animations. So, you will know its a Dark attack based upon this feature.

Velganos Guardian Raid Guide - Dark Outline
Vegalos’ blue shiny look when preforming a dark attack
  • [Dark] Dash -Vegalos performs a somersault while turning towards a player to attack then dashes. After the dash finishes, they will perform a small tail swipe.
  • [Dark] Stomp & Swipe – Vegalos will stomp the ground for a medium AoE circle and then swipe his tail in front of them. The swipe is a cone shape attack from their front, so the sides and back are safe.
  • [Dark] Backflip – Vegalos will turn and face a player, light up blue and then perform a backflip. Upon landing, a small AoE circle around them will cause damage. Avoid the landing spot and you will be fine.
  • [Dark] Wisps – Vegalos will pull in some dark clouds from all around them and cause a small dark explosion of clouds (Dealing no damage). Shortly after dark Wisps will fall from the sky slowly and deal AoE damage when landing on the ground. Sometimes the AoE will stay on the ground causing additional damage for those who stand in them.
  • [Dark/Light] Orbs – Vegalos will perform a small hop and turn towards a player. After landing, 4 black orbs will slam into the ground around Vegalos. They will then shoot out the orbs in a straight line and Vegalos will start to shine Holy. New 3 orbs will then shoot out from Vegalos’ tail in a cone shape.
    • Variant [Dark] Breath – Vegalos will perform a small hop and turn towards a player. No orbs will appear, however Vegalog will quickly take in a breath before spewing it out in a wide cone.

Velganos Strategy

This will be one of the hardest Guardian Raids you will encounter, so make sure everyone is on the same page when attempting this fight. The first important aspect of this fight is to let the DPS gain 3 stacks of Holy Light and for them to properly dodge the Dark Attacks. Failure to do so will require you to pick up more and slow your progress of the fight. Once everyone has a stack of 3, start rotating into 4 and then 5 stacks to help mitigate damage.

This fight is all about not being greedy and making sure everyone gets the buffs that they need in order to complete the fight. Once that is addressed, then Consume Orb and Holy Charge will be your main focus progressing forward. With Consume Orb, make sure everyone is slightly spread out, but close to Velganos’ face so that the one that turns Dark can quickly go into the summoning circle. The timing on this is really short, so you will need to act quickly and be on your toes.

Holy Charge is all about breaking stagger, so make sure to use your Whirlwind Grenade and your high Stagger abilities to push past this phase. If you are having problems staggering Velganos, it is possible to run out of the attack to avoid it. However doing so will decrease the group’s overall DPS as you will not get as much uptime dealing damage. So, if this is the route you take, make sure everyone is willing to pump out or have the right engravings to compensate for the DPS loss.

Velganos Guardian Raid Guide Loot

  • Velganos Card
  • Legendary Tier 3 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 3 Honing Material
  • Ability Stones
  • Epic or Legendary Class Engraving Recipe
  • Galewind Skill Rune

Velganos Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion

That does it for our Lost Ark Velganos Guardian Raid Guide. Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Deskaluda. Alternatively, check out the previous Guardian Raid, Night Fox Yoho!